The Winning Post #NaNoWriMo #amwriting


Yesterday I hit the big 50,000 word milestone on my story.  Technically I have now “won”, but with so much of the story still to go it doesn’t really feel like it.  I need another 18,000 words minimum on this story and am aiming for another 23,000.

Yesterday was one of my better writing days.  I managed over 5,000 words and they were all on new scenes that were not planned for in my initial outline.  Which, as those who have been following my blog will no doubt realise, means that I have a better chance of making that word count of 75,000.

My tip for the day for writers who are easily distracted is LeechBlock.  This is a Firefox add-on that allows you to block websites that you know are a time sink so you cannot access them during a specified time period.

For too much of last week I was distracted by the drama and negativity on Facebook, so yesterday I blocked it after my initial check-in until 9pm.  I kept Twitter open so I could update m progress throughout the day, but if Twitter is what stops you from writing, then you can block that too, along with any other site that you know you gravitate to instead of writing.

I don’t know of any similar add-ons for other browsers (since I only use Firefox) but if you do want to check out LeechBlock I thoroughly recommend it.  I will be using it again today after my initial check-in at Facebook.

Now, before I get on with sharing a few facts about Delwyn, let me make a small announcement about my Facebook page and group.

Regarding the group – I have closed this down.  The page is still active since it is listed in a number of my books for a point of contact.  However, I won’t be updating it any longer. I don’t see the point when Facebook shows my posts to so few of the people who have liked my page.

To keep up with only my news, please follow this blog.  If you want the general chatter, LOL-Cats and other stuff, go send me a friend request on my regular Facebook account.  You can also follow me on Facebook to get my public posts, which are usually my book announcements and a limited amount of non-book related stuff.

Now, facts about Delwyn.  Those of you who have read the first two books in the series may know some of these, but hopefully they will be new tidbits of info for 99% of the people reading this blog.

  • Delwyn was born with the ability to read the ancient Atlantean language.  He is the only living mortal who can do so.
  • He can also read any other language that was known to any of the previous Oracles.  However, since the mer have no use for the written word, it is a bit of a wasted talent.
  • Delwyn once made a sign to hang on his fellow Oracle Ula’s door during the mating season.  It reads ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL . in Atlantean. Ula has no idea what it says.  Delwyn and Kai refuse to tell her what they find so amusing about it.
  • Delwyn’s first love was Prince Finn (from Forbidden Waters).
  • Delwyn was born in the sunken city of Atlantis and has never been outside the city physically.  In visions however he has traveled all over the world.

For such an unusual merman, it is only fitting that Delwyn finds an equally unusual mate to spend his life with.  If you missed it, go check out Fabian’s facts posted earlier this month.

Now it is back to my story.  I am not sure I will make it to 60k today, but I am going to get as near to that figure as I can.  Good luck as always to everyone who is working on their NaNoWriMo stories.  The support doing November always spurs me on to write so much more than the rest of the year.  Thank you everyone for keeping me company.

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