Goodbye Motivation

Bird Advice 5

Yesterday I finished my NaNoWriMo novel and validated it.

Today my motivation has gone bye-bye.

Partly this is probably because it is my last day before I have to go back to the evil day job tomorrow.  A depressing thought like that never helps me get anything done.

Today however I am the Queen of Procrastination.

I attended an interesting chat on Facebook today about how to work with Facebook to promote my books, rather than being in constant violation of the terms of service.  Found out some stuff I didn’t know, but suspect I will still be breaching the TOS and keeping my fingers crossed not to end up in Facebook Jail.  I have a page on FB and I wish I could keep my promo stuff there, but even when you pay FB to show it to people it doesn’t do any good.

I have decided to delete my group though.  It is gone, no more, and won’t be returning.

I also removed myself from a number of other groups rather than continue to try to be heard amidst the barrage of “buy my book” posts.  I gave it a try. It doesn’t help sales, and in my opinion, simply adds to the problem.

Another clear up I have undertaken is Yahoo Groups for the same reason.  I am staying in a few of them and hope to be more active in them, but have left the majority.

I had a bit of a spruce up of my ARe Cafe page and will be trying to be a bit more active there, but it is very quiet it seems.  At least it is in the groups I am in.

So, here I am wandering around the internet and trying to find my missing motivation.  Unfortunately it isn’t coming when I call – I think it might be a cat!

I have a lot of projects I need to get working on, both new ones and partially finished. I am spoilt for choice and I think that is part of the problem.

With so much to do in December, I am reluctant to start one of my longer stories.  The shorter ones are too vague in my head at the moment.  I need to flesh them out before I start them – or else end up with yet another unfinished WIP.  Then, as you have probably guessed from the last sentence, there are all those half finished stories I need to pick up again. Ones that were stopped because of other commitments and for whatever reason I haven’t gone back to.

I should also start doing some blog posts for my January release and see if I can get some tour stops set up.

Sadly, with so much to pick from, it is all too tempting to procrastinate.

Maybe tomorrow evening I will be more productive, but I doubt it.  😉

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