Community, what community?


So, what do I want to blog about today?

The latest scandal to rock the MM writing community?  The bullying that seems to follow each scandal with alarming frequency?  No, I have decided to stay out of it.

Furthermore, I am going to be taking a step back from Facebook, the Social Media platform of my choice.  I will try to keep up my re-tweets on Twitter though.

I am a female writer of MM and MMM romances.

I am very private and don’t share lots of personal information.

I will never be part of the “in crowd”.

All I ever wanted was to write my stories and for people to enjoy them.

I want to put books out there that people will finish and be thankful that they took the time to read. Books that readers will remember and look back on fondly.  Books that when readers are asking for recommendations of a particular genre will be thought of and shared with their friends.

I may never achieve my dreams, but I truly believe that participating in whatever drama is rocking the community on social media this week, or next year, will not help me get there.

One response to “Community, what community?

  1. Totally agree.

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