Forbidden Waters Review

forbiddenwaters 200x320Getting a new review for a relatively old book is great.  When it is a nice review it is even better. When it compares you to one of your favourite ever authors it is the absolute best.

Today, my publisher gave me the heads up to a new review for Forbidden Waters.

A review sprinkled with some wonderful mermen gifs and pics too.  So worth going to check out if only for those!

The reviewer said the first book in my Mermen & Magic series reminded them of earlier Sherrilyn Kenyon books.  Ms Kenyon is an author I have always enjoyed and is one of the few M/F writers I do still read today.  I adore her Dark Hunter series and was lucky enough to meet her when Styxx came out.  To be compared in any way to Ms Kenyon is probably one of the biggest compliments anyone could give me.

So, thank you to SheReadsALot for your kind words about my story.

You can check out the full review of Forbidden Waters here.

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