Dragons: My Latest Obsession

There is no creature that screams fantasy to me as much as the dragon does.  Yes, there are unicorns and phoenixes and a whole host of other equally interesting creatures, some of which may appear in my stories at a later date, but dragons are in a league of their own.

Majestic and powerful, they are my latest obsession, although not a new one.

Back when I was writing fan fiction I discovered a site called Dragon Cave, and anyone who has seen my account page there will see I have quite a collection of dragons.  I haven’t actually been there in a long time, and even missed the Christmas event this year due to lack of online/computer time over the holidays.  I will no doubt be chasing down the special holiday dragons next year if I am around.

But the cave is always open for collectors and here are my latest eggs, which you can also see on the sidebar of my site.

There will be more later in the month (the cave has limits on how many eggs you can have at a time to prevent hoarders with fast connections snagging them all) after these have hatched.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

So, why are they on my blog now, I hear you ask.  Well it is in celebration of my upcoming release, Destiny & Dragons.

I am going to try to post some snippets from the book over the next few weeks and those posts will contain my dragon eggs and hatchlings so you can watch how they grow.

And here is a snippet from Destiny & Dragons to (hopefully) whet your appetite for more.

At first Marcus thought Runt had left. He scanned the trees, searching for the young man. “Runt?” he called.

“Runt?” Robert asked him. “What sort of a name is that?”

Marcus shrugged. “Maybe his parents were foreign.”

He spotted movement in the bushes and Runt emerged.

Robert, who Marcus had always taken to be a rather level-headed man, gave a small scream.

“What is it?” Marcus asked.

“It’s, it’s, it’s…” Robert stammered and pointed at Runt.

“This is Runt,” Marcus explained, “the prisoner I told you about.”

Robert gathered his wits together long enough to form a coherent sentence. “You rescued the dragon?”

Destiny & Dragons is available for pre-order from Fireborn Publishing now.

10 responses to “Dragons: My Latest Obsession

  1. I remember Dragon Cave! I haven’t visited that site in years. I’m glad it’s still around. I used to have signatures full of dragons for forums and in my email.

  2. OMG DC!! ahaha…yes, I am still very much active on that site. I can’t seem to let it go. lol

    congrats on the release!! ❤

  3. LOL….just curious now… do you have any shimmers or Tinsels?
    If not I can breed you some. 😀
    I have tons of them. 😉 kufufu~ let me know. whohoho~

    • DC is hard to break away from. I sort of disappeared for most of this year so I have lots of dragons missing from my scroll. Most of the ones I am hatching now are ones I have not got, and I am sure I am missing some new rarer ones.

      I have all of the different Tinsels but am short on Shimmers. I got myself banned from a site where I hung out on a DC thread and lost touch with the friends there. We used to help each other out with rarer dragons.

      Anyway, I haven’t got a Gold Shimmer. I have one Bronze and two Silvers, and at some point will be getting those completed – I like to have one of each gender and a frozen hatchling. I used to try to get one ungendered and one gendered (more if they have different sprites for different genders), but obviously changes to the site meant I couldn’t get the ungendered ones since they still gendered after being frozen.

      A Gold Shimmer would be fantastic, thanks, but I am egg-locked at the moment though.

      If there is anything on my scroll you want me to breed for you, let me know.

    • I am such an idiot. Just realised I have not incubated my current eggs and since they are at just over 4 days I can unlock myself almost immediately.

    • Oh and if you like lineage I can (since it is winter) currently breed you a winter egg with this lineage.


  4. Hmm, I guess my earlier comment didn’t go through? (it logged me outta wordpress all weird like, when I posted it which is why I’m unsure if it did post…) well, any case, I would so, SO LOVE a lineage of that!! Aha~ It’s so pretty! And I would so love to get some shimmers to you and some even lineages as well if you’d like. 😀 aha… Do you have any CB frills? CB original pinks? I would so love to have more offspring of those to make a lineage that I was planning but could never kick off the ground. ;A;
    ehe, if you can’t access the official forums, email? 😀 I’d love to get these dragons to you somehow!

    Yay! so happy to have another DC friend! ❤ lol

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