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DDragons300-72It has been a little over a week now since Destiny & Dragons was released.  As usual it didn’t make any sort of appearance on the Amazon charts, but it did do quite well at All Romance Ebooks where it peaked at number 12 in the Bestseller list.

Thank you to everyone who has brought a copy and most especially to Jo and Jo who each left reviews on Amazon for the book. They really do make a difference, especially to authors like me who get so few of them at all.

Speaking of reviews, Potions & Prisons has now got a review over at Rainbow Book Reviews.  I suspect Serena over there is working through the series since she reviewed Let Down Your Hair this week as well.

Potions and Prisons - 200x300“If you like reinterpreted fairy tales, if you’re looking for something to make you think and give you hope, and if you’re looking for a read that is both entertaining and a great love story, then you will probably like this novella.”  – Full review here.

I have one more story planned for this particular series entitled Magic & Mirrors.  That one is on my March schedule though I suspect it may also be on the May schedule after Camp NaNo in April is out of the way.

I have been working hard all weekend to meet my self-imposed deadline to get Always Forgotten submitted to a publisher before the end of the month.  It has now gone to Fireborn Publishing.  It is hotter than most of my books with Fireborn so I hope they like it. I was tempted to send it to Pride Publishing, where my hotter stories are usually sent, but with so many other stories to get to that particular publisher this year, I decided against it.  I want to try to build up my catalogue at both publishers this year before making a decision on trying to get my foot in the door with a third.  I am determined never to end up with all my eggs in one basket again.

Here is the unofficial blurb for Always Forgotten.

Caleb has been cursed for two hundred years. He is doomed to watch every man he has sex with forget him as soon as they part company. Each of his lovers then meets their true love within hours of leaving his presence. As rumours about his strange ability spread, more and more men come to his bed, hoping to find love, just not with him.

When Ethan’s best friend makes him an appointment with the mysterious Caleb, Ethan is sceptical, but curious. Despite a shaky start, Ethan and Caleb connect sexually and emotionally and soon begin to wonder if Ethan has the power to break the curse by being the only one to remember Caleb after he leaves.

Whether Ethan remembers Caleb or not, with a warlock standing between them, the road to happiness is going to be tough.

It is stand alone story and I hope to hear from Fireborn some time during the next month.  I should also hear back from Pride Publishing about the third Mermen & Magic story at some point in February too.  Still keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t a revise and re-sub. Whether it is or not, at least I am finishing January on a high note.

Watch this space for news on my various upcoming projects.

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