Always Forgotten News


Good news for anyone waiting to hear what is coming up from me next.

The contract has just been signed for Always Forgotten which has been accepted by Fireborn Publishing for release on 8th April 2016 (tentative release date).

I will keep this short as I am still form filling for this release tonight – model shopping for the cover can be sooooo time consuming.   😉

For those who have not heard about this one yet, here is the unofficial blurb which will be added to a new page on the site soon.

Always Forgotten

Caleb has been cursed for two hundred years. He is doomed to watch every man he has sex with forget him as soon as they part company. Each of his lovers then meets their true love within hours of leaving his presence. As rumours about his strange ability spread, more and more men come to his bed, hoping to find love, just not with him.

When Ethan’s best friend makes him an appointment with the mysterious Caleb, Ethan is sceptical, but curious. Despite a shaky start, Ethan and Caleb connect sexually and emotionally and soon begin to wonder if Ethan has the power to break the curse by being the only one to remember Caleb after he leaves.

Whether Ethan remembers Caleb or not, with a warlock standing between them, the road to happiness is going to be tough.

Coming this year from Fireborn Publishing.


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