Heavenly Sins Prequel

I am now pretty much decided that for Camp NaNo in April I will be (finallly!) getting the Heavenly Sins prequel written.

I have spent some time this morning transferring all the notes from my Scapple board into Scrivener so when 1st April comes around I will be able to dive right in.

I am not sure how long the story is going to be, though I have a good idea of where it is going to start and finish.  I want to say it is going to be shorter than each of the three books in the trilogy about Mac, Alastor, and Tristan, but since that epic tale was initially intended to be a novella, I am hesitant to commit myself to any length at this point.

Still, I am now at least committed to a project for Camp and will be posting again next month to see who else is signing up for the event.

In other news, February hasn’t been productive, in any sense of the word, so I am now bumping back the final fairy tale story to May.  I think it will be fairly quick to write once I get to it, it is just a question of getting round to it.

The sequel to To See the Sky was coming along quite nicely in January and it is my intention to get the first draft finished before April.  I think that is doable and should be able to be fit in around my edits for Always Forgotten, that are due between now and early April.

So my schedule for the next few months is

March – Always Forgotten edits and finish To Change the Stars (title subject to change). Also need to do some blog posts for the April release.

April – Write Heavenly Sins prequel that still needs a title.

May – Magic & Mirrors to be written.

June – Still up in the air, but suspect it will be a month of self editing on various stories.

July – Camp NaNo again – this will be the first time I have done the July one (if I do) and I am toying with the idea of starting the fifth Mermen & Magic book for that one.  If time is looking pushed however, I have another futuristic stand alone story that I may decide to blow the dust off and write instead.  That one will be much shorter than any of the Mermen & Magic series.

After that, who knows?  It may be August is spent playing catch up on all these projects I have supposedly been writing in the months leading up to it, but for whatever reason didn’t manage to finish!

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