Always Forgotten Release Day

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Today is release day for my brand new novella Always Forgotten, a male/male paranormal romance from Fireborn Publishing and all other major online stores.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, why not check it out.

Always Forgotten

Caleb has been cursed for two hundred years. He is doomed to watch every man he has sex with forget him as soon as they part company. Each of his lovers then meets their true love within hours of leaving his presence. As rumours about his strange ability spread, more and more men come to his bed, hoping to find love—just not with him.

When Ethan’s best friend makes him an appointment with the mysterious Caleb, Ethan is sceptical but curious. Despite a shaky start, Ethan and Caleb connect sexually and emotionally then soon begin to wonder if Ethan has the power to break the curse by being the only one to remember Caleb after he leaves.

Whether Ethan remembers Caleb or not, with a warlock standing between them, the road to happiness is going to be tough.

Available from

Fireborn Publishing
Amazon (universal link)
All Romance Ebooks
Barnes & Noble

I will edit in the link for Barnes & Noble when it goes live.  Chances are, if the Nook is your reading platform of choice you will see it before me.  Being in the UK, it tends to go live in the middle of the night for me.

As always, thank you to everyone who takes a chance on my story.  If you do read it, please consider leaving the story a review, especially over at Amazon, as they do make a huge difference to getting a story noticed, especially in these early days of a release.

I hope you enjoy meeting Caleb and Ethan.

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