Camp NaNo & Other Stuff

April is over and I am pleased to say that the Heavenly Sins prequel/sequel is finished – the first draft at least.

I still don’t know what I am supposed to call it when it starts before the original series, but then covers events in it, and then continues on afterwards.  The story itself should stand alone, or at least that is my intention.

I actually finished it on the 1st May, rather than in April, which was largely thanks to spending far too much time in April procrastinating.

The story came in at a little over 80,000 words, making it longer than any of the three books in the trilogy. The story spans a period of time from before the fall of Lucifer and into the future.  Readers of the trilogy will get to see Mac, Alastor, and Tristan again, and get to view a little more of their lives together.

On reading the story back for the first time I am hopeful that it won’t need a great deal of work before I send it into Pride Publishing.  I am optimistically hoping to get it submitted by the end of May.  The tentative title is Between Darkness and Light, though this is subject to change on a whim between now and the end of the month.

On a less positive note, I have been reading through another first draft I have had lingering on my computer, this one written for an open call for another publisher with a July deadline.

To say I am unhappy with the story is an understatement.  I don’t feel it is my best work, though since I always think the same about my plain contemporary stories, this is not a surprise. The story feels week, and I don’t feel the characters are coming across as I want them to. I am also now questioning whether the story even answers the open call at all.

It is for that reason I have decided to set the story aside, leave the open call for others to answer, and move onto something else.  I may look at other calls for that publisher, primarily the paranormal ones, since I generally feel my stories in that genre are better.

Thankfully, I haven’t shared anything of this story online or anything, so no one will even notice that it never sees the light of day.

I am also hoping that no one will notice that my serial short story The Midnight Swimmer has been removed from this site.  I may come back to the story at some point, but I don’t like having a half finished, neglected story on here, when I am struggling to find the time to even participate in the flash fiction group at all, let alone continue with that particular story.  I don’t think anyone was following it, so it won’t be missed, but I may – in the not foreseeable future – pick it up again and see about finishing it off and sharing it when the story is concluded.

Now I just need to figure out which draft to look at next.  Goodness knows I am getting quite a collection of first drafts on my computer, so I should really stick my finger out and get on with sorting some of them out.

I also need to get cracking on the fourth and final fairy tale story.  I had hoped to write it as a second Camp NaNo project this April, but with the Heavenly Sins story ending up as one long story, rather than two shorter ones, I never got to the fairy tale project at all.

I also have that YA sci-fi project I want to start some time soon – you know, while I am actually motivated to write it.  I have a lot of notes for it and maps and all sorts of info on the new world I am creating for it. I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get to it.

So many stories, so little time.

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