TTFN Facebook

This is a public service announcement.

As most of you know, I generally try to keep politics and equally volatile discussions off of my Facebook account.  It is a professional account for my writing and I honestly don’t think it is appropriate to post too much of that sort of thing there.  I am aware that I am in the minority in that regard among my friends.

This week has been particularly acrimonious and probably wasn’t the best time to return after my brief hiatus following the latest gun debates following the mass murder in Orlando.

Yesterday I read on my feed lots of posts and comments about the UK Referendum on whether this country should stay part of the European Union.  I didn’t post very much in response to those comments and kept my own posts on the subject as neutral as possible regarding the vote.

Today I see the posts are continuing and as such I don’t feel welcome among my Facebook friends.  I actually feel hated by some of them, simply because I share a different opinion.

I know I am not alone because I have also seen posts by others in my position who feel equally despised by the community we are supposed to be a part of.  I see them talking about leaving Facebook, closing their accounts, and stepping away from the community entirely.

I am hesitant to close my account because it is a professional one (not to mention I would lose my progress on my games 🙂 ), but I do not feel I can stay a part of the community at this time.

I will try to check in once or twice a day over the next couple of days to check private messages, but that is all I will be doing until such time as I feel I might be welcome there again.  I have no idea when that will be.

Posts here on my blog should automatically post to Facebook, so any news will be posted here and been seen there as usual.

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