Twitter… we need a word too

Following on from my post yesterday about taking a break from Facebook, I have also done some removing/unfollowing on Twitter.

One of those I have removed on Twitter has also got added to my “never buy from” lists.

Some I may add back when the furor has died down, I just can’t bear to look at their tweets at the moment because even though they aren’t personally attacking me, the tone of them, combined with everything else, certainly makes it feel that way.

However, the one who straight out called me a racist / racist enabler will never be added back.

I have said it here on my blog before, and I will no doubt say it again, but if you are using your professional accounts to air your personal opinions on any subject, be prepared to alienate your readers and lose customers. 

I have never been so disappointed in so many of my fellow authors as I am this week.

It has been made clear to me that I should not be allowed an opinion, that my voice should not be heard, my vote should not be counted, simply because it is different to so many of my friends.

Racist is just one of the names I have been called, along with ignorant, stupid, moron…. and more… I am sure you get the general idea.

Do you really REALLY think this is going to persuade me to carry on buying your books?

Or maybe you don’t care.  I am just one reader after all, so I am sure you can afford to lose my measly bit of custom.

I am not going to be blocking Twitter since I am not there as much as I was on Facebook anyway.  I think the permanent and temporary removal of a few users should actually be enough to allow me to be there without having to deal with the drama, and remove the temptation to respond to the same.

Comments, again, are switched off for this post.

I am also not auto-posting it to Facebook since I don’t want to add to the temptation to go back there.

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