Mid month Update


We are halfway through the month (or very nearly since I realised that the July Camp NaNo, does have an extra day to help get those words down) and I figure I had better post an update as to how things are going with the fifth mermen book.

I hit 40,000 words this week which means at halfway through the month I have passed the halfway mark for the minimum word count (70k).

I have also decided on a change of title for the story.  It is now Hidden Depths as opposed to Deceitful Depths.  Even though the story is very much in the only half plotted stages, I feel this title definitely fits the story much better than the other one.

That is the good news.

The bad is that I still don’t know quite where this story is going to end up.  I am really hoping to get a better idea by the end of the weekend.

One thing is for sure, there are some things happening in this story that I had no idea would happen when I typed the first sentence. I think books four and five are going to have some real surprises for my readers.

This is if I am not distracted by other stuff. For instance I picked up the latest Divergent series film today and want to watch the first two and this one back to back this weekend.  I am very easily distracted.

I was thinking about posting a snippet from the first draft, but I am not sure what bit to share.  Maybe next update I will post something as a teaser.


In other news, today is also the deadline for the open call that I submitted my vampire story for.  As you may recall, my hope was that I might get a revise and resub request for this story. Unfortunately, since the open call closes today, this is no longer going to be an option since there will be no time to revise it and get it sent in again.

It could still be the end of August before I hear back, but I think it is safe to say that now there are only two possibilities: accepted or rejected.  I suspect it will be the latter as this is a new publisher for me.

It is my own fault because I should have submitted it sooner, but I was dithering as always.


Tomorrow is Reader Appreciation Day over at The Sweet Spot Yahoo Group.  I totally forgot to send a notice in to donate a prize (I lost track of the days of the week) but I will try to stop by for a chat like usual.


Finally, I am still absent (feeling unwelcome) on Facebook.  This post will automatically post to my page there, but I am not checking in regularly for comments.  I do try to when I post to my blog, but the more I am distancing myself from that form of social media, the harder I am finding it to remember to check in for notifications at all.  Comments on my blog are emailed to me though, so if you want a response, commenting will almost certainly get a faster reply than anything on Facebook.

8 responses to “Mid month Update

  1. Congrats on hitting 40k!

  2. Well done on the word count on Nanowrimo. I’m five days behind schedule. going to try and catch up tonight.

  3. So cool!! Im excited for the 4th and final installment books in the Heavenly series and the Fairy Tales :). Also excited for the upcoming Mermen novels

    • The final Heavenly Sins book now has a page here and it added to the upcoming schedule. Not long to wait for that. Still not got back to the final Fairy Tale story so that is unlikely to appear before next year.

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