French Kissing Vampires for Beginners


I have some great news today regarding a new stand alone paranormal romance story.

French Kissing Vampires for Beginners has been accepted by MLR Press for publication.  I was really not hopeful for this one being accepted as MLR Press is a publisher I have not worked with before and I know that Kris Jacen’s submission calls are extremely popular.  But contracts have now been signed for my little story.

I don’t have a release date as yet, but it was submitted for an open call where the stories are set to be released in October this year.  If it is to be released as part of that open call then it means there will be three new books from me between now and the end of the year.  Obviously I will post an update as and when I hear when the release date is.

Here is the unofficial/unedited blurb.

Tom is your typical modern vampire.  He lives in a detached house in the suburbs, pays his taxes, and bemoans the price of bottled blood.  He doesn’t usually tell people what he is, but sometimes it can’t be helped, like now, when he has toothache and needs the assistance of a dentist.

Martyn’s night isn’t going too well at all. He’s working late, his patient is a vampire, and now they’re being mugged. But what sort of a vampire is Tom if he can’t leap to the rescue and use his superpowers to save them?

There’s only one way to find out and Martyn, a self-confessed geek with a love for all things vampire, intends to get to know Tom better, despite the bloodsucker’s fear of dentists.

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