It’s all about the TITLE

Bunny from Tinkerbell and the Secret of Wings

Bunny from Tinkerbell and the Secret of Wings

Okay, I should probably have some sort of “news” logo for posts like this where I am currently lacking on covers because the books aren’t out yet. But I don’t and it’s been a while since I posted the cutest bunny ever, so here it is again.

With the possible exception of tag lines, which I hate with a passion, coming up with titles for my stories is my least favourite task.  I either come up with something straight away, or dither about for months.

French Kissing Vampires for Beginners was a title that I came up with pretty quickly and so far it has received a few comments from people who like it. I don’t usually get comments on my titles, but I am glad to see this one is catching the eye a little.

Other titles of mine seem to be more common.  Those who have followed me for a while will know that Touch of a Ghost was renamed right before I submitted it to a publisher because I happened to come across another author in the genre who had a book coming out the same Halloween with the original title (which was Giving up the Ghost for those who are curious).

By pure fluke and coincidence, that same author has another book out which shares the title with one of my out of print stories, Someone Like You, so if that one ever sees the light of day again it is going to be having a new title too.

Speaking of new titles, the Heavenly Sins spin-off story about Michael is having a not quite last minute title change too.  To avoid confusion with the trilogy about Tristan, Mac, and Alastor, the story is now going to be called Falling into Darkness.  Here is hoping that this title catches the eye as much as French Kissing Vampires for Beginners has.

I have updated the book page here on my site and have also removed the #4 from the title of the page.  I will be moving this one to the stand alone stories list/menu when it is released.

Hopefully it won’t be too confusing and everyone will find what they are looking for here at my little corner of the web.

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