Dangerous Waves Release Day

Dangerous Waves 200 x 320Today is the general release day for Dangerous Waves the third book in my Mermen & Magic series.

Something I don’t usually have on this day is anything remotely resembling reviews.  Today, however, I have a link to a release day review over in my Twitter notifications.

After wasting nearly 30 minutes dithering about whether to click the link, because I don’t go hunting down reviews and anything bad tends to kill my motivation completely, I hit the link.

What I found was that not only has Jessie G Books reviewed my latest release, she has also reviewed the first two books in the series.  Thanks, Jessie.

You can read all the reviews here.

An Amazon customer who is a fan of the series (you know who you are!) has also posted a review over at the US Amazon site which you can see here.


When Dax lost his family to a shark attack he swam away from everything he had ever known. Now he has come to Atlantis, hoping to reconnect with those he left behind. When he finds his birth clan torn apart, he realises his journey is just beginning.

Kai is an Oracle, a blind merman, who only has sight when he has a vision. Atlantis, a sanctuary for so many mer people, is his prison. Desperation drives him to beg the Atlantean Goddess of Love for help.

With the goddess’s promise of love to tempt him, Kai persuades Dax to take him along when he leaves the sunken city.

Although Dax has some reservations about traveling through the ocean with a blind merman in tow, he quickly discovers Kai isn’t as helpless as he appears. Attraction comes easy, but Kai doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

Kai knows he must seduce Dax if he hopes to win his heart, but his inexperience may be his downfall. With Dax’s former lover at the end of their journey, he knows time is running out.

A goddess can only help so much, especially when another immortal would see them part. If the two stubborn mermen want a life together, they will have to learn to communicate and fight for their love.

Buy links

Pride Publishing – ebook

Pride Publishing – print

Amazon – ebook (universal link)

Amazon US – print

Amazon UK – print
(hopefully coming soon but does not appear to be there yet)

All Romance Ebooks

Barnes & Noble





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