The November Madness Returns


Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Bonfires, fireworks and National Novel Writing Month.  And, of course, for those in the US, Thanksgiving.

November is fast approaching, and with it the time where I have to come to a decision about what I am going to do this November.  Those who have been around a while will know that I dither over making a choice most years.  2016 is apparently not going to be any different in that regard.

So, here are my choices.

Firstly, there are several brand new projects that I would dearly love to get working on.

  1. A young adult sci-fi story.
  2. A historical MM romance.
  3. The start of a new series of MM sci-fi romances.
  4. The final Mermen & Magic book.

Most of the other new projects are not likely to be long enough for the 50k word count that the official NaNoWriMo requires. In fact number 3 above is more likely to be shorter stories, but I could always do more than one of those.

The historical I am hesitant to do as a NaNo project.  I feel I need to do a lot more preparation for it and even if I had got the preparatory work done, I suspect I would waste too much of the month looking things up.  That story is going to be long and one that I suspect will take many months to complete.  So I am probably discounting that first of all.

The other option, besides new a new story, is finishing off several of my unfinished projects.  This year has been really bad for those.

Back in March I put aside my first draft of the sequel to To See the Sky so that I could participate in Camp NaNo.  The story for Camp was a success (and is released this November) but I never went back to the sequel.

In May and June I was polishing up my April story and making a start on the final book of my fairy tales series.

Magic & Mirrors the fairy tale is a light-hearted story and was going well until the UK politics at the end of June completely killed my motivation for anything light and fluffy.  It’s hard to write anything of that nature when you feel despised and hated by most of your online friends.  So, I put the story aside, intending to pick it up again after Camp NaNo in July.

This year was the first time I did the July Camp and I decided to do book five of the Mermen & Magic series.   I hit my target word count, but the story wasn’t quite finished.  Between holidays in August and edits for various releases, I just haven’t got back to it to finish it off.

This year alone I have put aside three different projects that are lingering unfinished.

Common sense tells me that I should use the November motivation to get those three projects finished.  Two of the projects are largely complete and while the fairy tale story still has a lot of work that needs to be done on it, the notes are thorough.  The three projects are all well prepared and should be easy to pick up.

This route will also give me time to get some blog posts done and promotional work for the two upcoming releases (one next week and one later in November).

But the shiny new plots are always more tempting than knuckling down and getting on with the unfinished ones.

My final option would be to crack on with the To See the Sky sequel right away, get that done before 1st November, finish the fifth Mermen & Magic story at the start of November and then move straight onto the sixth.  Then make the final fairy story the priority for December/January.

No doubt I will change my mind a dozen times between now and 1st November.

Maybe I should just allocate numbers to projects and use to reach a decision?

One response to “The November Madness Returns

  1. Lol I’ve been the same. Jotting between ideas but have finally decided to complete a current project. Instead of starting a new. I have too many half finished works on my desk top.

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