A New Venture


Although I have more than enough on my plate at the moment, the recent implosion with ARe has once again reminded me that I should not put all my eggs in one basket.

When Silver Publishing (aka The Publisher that Must Not be Named) went under all but a couple of my books became orphans.  Some of those were republished pretty quickly with various publishers.  Others, like Someone Like You and The Other Man were set aside to be re-written, overhauled, extended, or in reality, put to one side to do that, but barely touched again.

Then there were those that I didn’t know what to do with.  They were badly received and/or sales were poor, and I figured that letting them die a quiet death would probably be for the best.

For some of those books I have never know whether they were selling badly because of how they were, or because of the boycott of Silver and the fact that everything was hitting the fan in spectacular fashion around the times of their release.  Skin Deep was one such book.

This book was rejected by Torquere (I apparently had a narrow escape there) and published by Silver shortly after the problems there first became public.  It went out of print a year later, shortly before Silver went under because I demanded my rights back when everything was going to hell.  It has not been sent anywhere since.

I don’t intend to re-write this one or extend it in any way.  The story is short but complete in its current form.

That being the case, it won’t need re-editing and one of the big costs of putting a book on the market is therefore saved right from the start.

I have decided that in 2017, hopefully in January, this book will be re-released in my first attempt at self-publishing via Amazon KDP.

It won’t, at least at first, be available anywhere else.  I am hoping to keep costs and hassle down to a minimum.  Besides, I rarely sold anything anywhere besides Amazon and ARe, and with the latter gone, Amazon is almost certainly going to be my main source of income from now on.  I hate relying on one venue, but for the moment I want to try to get to grips with this site alone, before I try to confuse myself by adding others to the list – especially when I never sold anything at the others anyway.

I posted on Facebook earlier today that I was looking at this venture and have been touched by the amount of support and offers for help from my friends there.  It gives me back a little of the faith in the community that recent events snatched away.

So today, instead of writing, like I should have been doing, I have been reading through pages of information on Amazon.  I’ve signed up to Amazon KDP and completed their tax questionnaire as best I can.  Not impressed that it won’t accept my EIN so it looks like I am going to have to get an ITIN or have them withhold royalties for the US tax office.   So much for least amount of hassle, but at least I only have to do that once.

OR NOT since it seems the ITIN has to be renewed every five years.

On the other hand, reports on the Amazon KDP forums seem to indicate that the ITIN is no longer required to set your tax withholding to 0%.  Mine does show zero, but I presumed that was because no one at Amazon has checked the information yet.   I’ll only find out when money is owed to me whether any tax has been withheld.  And since I can’t apply for an ITIN until after then anyway (since it requires a letter from Amazon/or another company saying they are paying me) the chore of getting an ITIN will be waiting until then regardless.

I have also been looking at pre-made cover art and have sent an email asking about one that is suitable and reasonably priced.  Hopefully it is still available.

Also been sorting out the file itself in Word, updating the book list at the back, my bio, website, and everything else that has changed since the start of 2013.

Will have to see how it goes.

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