Plot Bunny Alert

Bunny from Tinkerbell and the Secret of Wings

Bunny from Tinkerbell and the Secret of Wings

Oooh look, I get to use the cutest ever bunny gif again!

While procrastinating like a trouper I was wondering about the whole self-publishing short stories thing, and realising that I don’t actually write that many short stories at all.

This fact will come as no surprise to my poor editors who probably see the word count on my covering email and reach for the wine before they tackle it.

That being the case, my self-publishing endeavours will come to a rather abrupt halt if I don’t get around to writing a few short stories now and then.   I do have one already written that I wasn’t happy with, that I could look at again and see if it is salvageable, but everything else is well over 20,000 words.

But that is a contemporary and I really do feel that my paranormal stories are the strongest ones.

So, what I need is a nice little series of short stories with a paranormal flavour, that I can release on a semi-regular (or maybe even a regular!) basis.

I was thinking maybe a series of short stories set around a dating agency specifically set up for paranormal beings – everything from shifters and vampires to genies and nymphs.

Then, once they are all done, sorting out a timescale for getting them edited, polished and released.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in reading or has it already been done to death before?

2 responses to “Plot Bunny Alert

  1. It’s has been done a hell of a lot. You would need to find a new angle and whatever you do, don’t have cupid running it… Now that one has been done to death lol

  2. I love that idea. Go for it

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