Skin Deep Cover Reveal & Update

And for my second post of the evening, here is my second cover reveal of the day, for the re-release of Skin Deep.  This is one of Meredith Russell’s pre-made covers, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was just perfect for this story.  It has a contemporary feel to it and a young man with a perfect body, just like MC of the story gets following a science experiment gone wrong.

Thank you Meredith for the cover and also the banners for my book page and Facebook.  They are much appreciated.

This book, as those who have been reading my blog this last week will know, is going to be my first self-published story and as such it does not have a release date per se.  Of course there are those who self-publish who work to timescales and deadlines that they set themselves.  I am going to try to follow their example, and say that I will be self publishing this story on Amazon this weekend.

Please note, however, that if edits arrive for my upcoming release Shifting Currents they will have to take precedence over uploading and checking this story on Amazon.

I am not going to be rushing it onto the site and wish to check it thoroughly, going through every page on the preview, which means I need to take my time in getting it ready and published.  Hopefully my weekend will remain clear and I can get it done on schedule.  If not, it will be put off until the first weekend I have without edits.

I hope you understand and will bear with me as I take my first tentative baby steps into the world of self-publishing.


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