No Turning Back


The publish button has been pressed and there is no turning back.  Which means that, provided there isn’t some major problem with it, Skin Deep will be available again on Amazon at some point in the coming week.

I hope that everything is as it should be with the files.  I checked it on the preview in all three formats (tablet, Kindle, phone) and went through every single page on all of them, as well as checking all the links.

The Title Page link seemed to have the most issues.   It didn’t work on the first upload, so I fixed it and did it again.  It did work, but I then found a scene break that wasn’t quite centered for some reason.  Since I am terribly OCD I went to fix that, only to find that when I did the Title Page link (which I had not touched) was broken again.

I then went to fix it again and thankfully this time everything stayed as it should be… at least in the previews.

I had fixed the centering issue in the HTML file rather than in the docx file and suspect that might have been the cause of the latter problem.  For future reference I guess I will be doing all changes in docx and then saving it again as HTML rather than making any type of alterations on the HTML file.

Fingers crossed everything goes through okay and that it is up for sale soon.

As previously indicated, I have set it at US$0.99 / UK£0.99 (the minimum amount for both countries).  For other territories it is either the US$ equivalent or the minimum price if that is higher.  I know I won’t make much this way, but it is a short story and a re-release and I think that this is a suitable price in the circumstances.  I am more interested in how many copies are sold (and returned for that matter) than the amount I am earning on this one.  Having only been published through small press publishers up until now, the number of returns is not something I am aware of.  I know there have been some from the negative figures on my royalty statements some months, but I don’t know how many and I am curious.  Chances are the figures are going to be depressing, but I am going to keep reminding myself that 99% of those are likely to be because the reader is using Amazon like a library rather than a store (just another form of piracy) and not because the book is rubbish.

I’ll post again when the book is live and hope you will consider buying a copy.

Just to note, for clarification: there have been no substantial changes to this story. Therefore if you already have a copy from when it was previously published, there is no need to buy it again.


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