A New Short Story


I think the first draft of the short story I have been working on the last couple of weeks might be just about done. Coming in at 17,000 words, this falls into the category of the length I would consider self-publishing.

17k also means I am well on target for my yearly word count. But since we are only two weeks into January, I should not crow too soon. I am sure it won’t be long before I fall behind.

But back to my story. First of all, I need a new title, since I don’t like the working one. I also want to change one of the character’s names, but I am not sure to what.

I was hoping one or both of these would be decided while I was writing the story, but it seems not to be.

For those who might be interested, the story is set towards the end of the 21st century in a world not that different from our own. It stems from the idea that certain inventions hitting the market these days are bringing us a step closer to the day when we let electronic devices truly rule our lives.

It was supposed to be a dark story, but somehow it ended up more as a light-hearted comedy. I am still not sure how that happened.

Here is a rough blurb for those who might be interested…

When Hayden Knight agrees to test his father’s latest invention, he has no idea what having a holographic assistant will do to his life.

It takes over everything from grocery shopping to arranging his appointments and personal time. Unfortunately, it still has a few bugs, including one that causes the hologram to be seen by Kian South, the man he wants to sell the The Assistant to.

Trying to convince Kian that the public need The Assistant, when Hayden can’t stand the bossy thing himself, is only the start of his problems. Intrusive and annoying, there is no way to switch off the hologram, and the closer Hayden and Kian get, the more frustrating the presence of The Assistant becomes.

Will their permanent third wheel and his persistent running commentary drive Kian away before they have a chance to find out if their attraction can become something more?

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