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Words, words, words: inspiration comes full circle!

Hi, my name is Ed Davies, and I’m a writer. I know this because inspiring quotes about writing make up about ninety percent of my inspiration board! It’s not a secret that a lot of writers struggle to get motivated. I find myself most motivated every single day when I put my butt in the chair, shut off the internet, and start my timer… but it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra oomph sometimes, to get through that last scene or pick up in the middle of a hard chapter.

The topic for today’s guest post: my three favourite quotes about reading and writing. Sounds easy! Until I have to narrow it down to three…

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” -Anaïs Nin

I think this quote resonates for many of us who write in a genre that means a lot to them. To me, MM romance means a great deal. It’s what I wished I’d been able to read growing up, so I’m always thrilled I get to write it. It’s also an intensely personal genre, though.

For some, writing or reading MM romance is a way of distancing themselves from their lives. I certainly understand how exhausting it is to interact with media, let alone create it, as a member of a minority. But MM can’t be that escape for me, so each book is a struggle of deciding how much of me, my life and history, or the people I know to put in there. Some books, like my After series, deal with even more personal issues, such as mental health. But the books I’m happiest with and proudest of are the ones where I tasted life a second time in writing them.

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” -W. Somerset Maugham

I love this philosophy of writing! It’s no secret that I write a lot, and I get antsy when I can’t write for long. But I used to struggle to finish a chapter a day. I overanalyzed what I was doing. I even had the dumb idea to wait until I felt excited to write a scene before I wrote it. Fear of perfection paralyzed me, too. The key to facing all these things and winning, for me, was learning to write every single day.

This quote captures the essence of writing as a full-time job, but it’s even more important for part-time writers in many ways. When I wrote alongside a day job, my hours were too precious to waste staring at a screen and hoping I’d feel inspired. I can’t say enough about this practice—if not nine o’clock sharp, some other time that works for you!

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” -Haruki Murakami

I’m actually not sure I fully agree with this quote, but it’s always challenged me to stop and think about what I’m consuming! I actually applied it to my other media consumption—TV and movies—and largely cut out both from my life. Incidentally, this gave me much more free time to apply to the quote before this.

This quote has always encouraged me to seek out obscure, underappreciated books and authors. The books I’ve most loved tend to be those by authors most people don’t know, care for, or follow religiously. They’ve also taught me a great deal, and parts of them still resonate with me today, shaping the way I write my own books! I do a lot of book buying from my friends’ catalogues or the top 20, but searching by keywords for older books has always been a favorite trick of mine, too.

The part I find most powerful is that words themselves inspire me to create a book… or more words! It’s a full circle in a way, and knowing that my words might just inspire someone else to take a leap—for example, find other books with trans main characters after reading Flaunt, or sit down and start developing a daily writing habit after reading this very post—is impossibly cool.

It’s a powerful reminder that reading and writing can change the course of a life, and I try never to take this for granted. Getting to taste life twice every single day at nine o’clock, and then settling down with a book few others know about (and recommending it later!) is an absolute joy!

Title: Flaunt
Author: E.Davies
Release Date: January 31st 2017
Genre: Contemporary MM Romance



“He’s waiting for me to ask, and I’m afraid.”

“I’m just one more gay guy here.”

Moving to the suburbs of L.A. was supposed to give Nic Montero a fresh start. After escaping his family, coming out as a gay trans man, and excelling in computer programming out of desperation to get financially stable or die, everything should be easy. But joining gay culture now, post-transition, feels impossible… until he runs into the force of nature that is Kyle. Everything Nic isn’t, Kyle embodies. Green hair, garters and cut-off shorts, sports jerseys, and all, brash Kyle is the most gorgeous man he’s ever laid eyes on, and he pulls Nic headlong into the center of his world. If only Nic felt like enough for a man like Kyle.

“One-night stands are my only option.”

Loud, loving, and too much for most men to handle, Kyle Everett catches eyes and occasionally scorn… even at his job at the local HIV charity, Plus. His days and nights are spent at work, his precious spare moments spent with his son, Kevin, when it’s his turn to co-parent, or his best friend, drag queen River. He only has money or time for cheap flings, but the lanky otter who walks into his life makes Kyle want to hold him for longer than a night. He knows what it’s like for Nic to be without a family, but he isn’t brave enough to let this man into his life… until his charity is targeted by bigots, and Nic’s there for him.

“I’ll stay with you if you’re brave enough to be you.”

Nic spent his twenties avoiding family and even his own femininity, but his yearning is impossible to ignore. Kyle’s used to flying solo, but Nic offers him safety and fills gaps in his life he never realized existed and now can’t stand. Living in close proximity, they can’t run from their attraction, but they’re each used to being rejected, with the emotional scars to prove it. Can two men who feel like they’re not enough and too much find something just right?

Flaunt is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

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“Welcome to our headquarters! Er, not that we have other locations. Not full-time, anyway. Don’t worry about being late. I’m not even ready. I’m so sorry.” This had to be Kyle— the voice on the intercom matched this peppy yet sibilant, rapid-fire speech.

“I— that’s fine,” Nic assured Kyle with a quiet laugh. He was relieved not to be in trouble for showing up late, nor for showing up in formalwear when everyone else was probably going casual. “GPS pointed me the wrong way.”

“Oh, they do that! Right this way, please.” Kyle scanned his card against a reader near the staircase door. When he twirled to hold the staircase door open, his skirt flared out a little.

Kyle was wearing a skirt, over men’s skinny jeans and boots, and a blouse, and chest hair peeked out from the top of the blouse, his biceps unmistakeable. And his suspenders reached under the skirt, presumably to his jeans waistband. It made Nic wonder if he was wearing garters, which was a wholly inappropriate thought for their first meeting.

He awkwardly stepped through the doorway and Kyle brushed past him to trot upstairs at top speed, already talking again.

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About the Author


E. Davies was proficient in real estate ad shorthand (the old-fashioned newspaper kind) by the age of nine. Growing up moving constantly taught him what people have in common, the ways relationships are formed, and the dangers of “miscellaneous” boxes.

As a teen, he tore through a stack of found romance novels, wishing someone had written similar for M/M, though he could never find anything at Chapters or the library. Just after graduating university in 2013, semi-out and clutching his English B.A. for dear life, he stumbled on an Amazon M/M short story. It was a whole new… phrase he dares not repeat for fear of lawyers. It shone and shimmered splendidly, though.

After failing forty times to avoid crafting happily-ever-after endings for steamy short stories, he plunged into romance novels and hasn’t looked back. As a young gay author whose formative gay fictional role models were characters punished for their sexuality, Ed prefers his stories lightly dramatic, full of optimism and hope.

Now out and proud, he writes full-time, goes on long nature walks, tries to fill his passport, drinks piña coladas on the beach, flees from cute guys, coos over fuzzy animals (especially bees), and is liable to tilt his head and click his tongue if you don’t use your turn signal.

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