February Update


Most of February has been taken up with editing on Shifting Currents which is now on the Pride Publishing website for you to add to your wish list, if you are so inclined.  Link here.

I have also been toying with a few other projects that I have in the works including a non-romance story that is a futuristic suspense/thriller type story.  I am busy plotting that out in the hopes that if I have a complete outline ready by the start of April I can do that story for Camp NaNoWriMo.

I suspect it won’t be done in time and may be something to work on outside of events like NaNo.  And Camp NaNo in April will no doubt be the completion of the final of my fairy tale stories which has been shamefully neglected for the last year.

I have also been polishing up a second futuristic story, this one a MM romance short story (just over 18k) that I am looking at self-publishing some time in May/June.  The story itself is written but I need time to sort out an editor, cover artist, and promotional stuff.  I have never used a tour company before, but am considering doing so for this release.  That way, if it still flops, I will know that I did everything I possibly could.

One thing I do need to sort out for the story is a proper title.  So far it has been called The Assistant, which is a rather overused title, and The Holo-Assistant, which is less over-used but a bit of a mouthful and rather boring.  Either do for a “working title”, but I want something more light-hearted and memorable to go on the cover of my story.

I have also been adding a little bit more to the extended version of The Other Man which I am hoping to complete and send to Fireborn Publishing some time in the summer.

I seem to have fallen into the old rabbit hole of so many projects that I keep dipping into that nothing ever gets completed.  I am hoping that March will be a little more productive than February (and late January for that matter) has been.

Finally, you may or may not have noticed a lack of bookish updates on my Facebook wall.  This is because (for various reasons) I am doing more on my page in this regard.  So, if you want my book news, go like my page and set it to receive notifications.

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