New Camp, New Story, New Genre?

In a little under one hour it will be 1st April 2017, which means it is the start of Camp NaNoWriMo.

To say that the official NaNo back in November was a failure is putting it mildly. I managed just over 1,000 words and can’t even remember which projected I ended up working on.

Truthfully I have barely written anything since last summer.  I managed one short story of just under 20,000 words back in January, and that is still lingering on my hard drive as I decide whether or not I want to publish it.

When I read the story back I am pleased with how it turned out, but my shorter stories don’t seem to go down too well with readers.  I am therefore reluctant to send it out into the big wide world just yet.

A lot of my lack of motivation probably stems from the seemingly never-ending political dramas and arguments that have taken over social media.  It is draining and disheartening to see people I considered my friends tearing into each other, calling names, and never realising just how hurtful those words could be.

Taking a step back from social media didn’t really work.  It is like a train wreck you can’t help following, especially when some of those hateful names are aimed at you.  So, I took the decision to forcibly remove the drama from my news feed. I am hoping that will help me get back into writing mode again.

To further help me get back into it I am trying my hand at a brand new genre this Camp.  Thriller/Suspense/Futuristic.

Quite a difference from the usual romances and inspired by much of the political dramas and spite of the last year.

This month I am going to be creating another new world, one where some of those delightful ideas I have seen suggested are a reality.

How about a world where the old are not allowed to vote because they don’t have to live with the consequences?  But what about the terminally ill?  They don’t have to live with it either.  Kind of harsh, but that is what people have been asking for.

How about a world when the “morons” (one of those delightful names I have seen flung about these last months) can’t vote?  Democracy only for the intelligent? But how to decide who is smart enough to decide a country’s future?

Let’s take it a step further.  What if someone isn’t smart enough according to the national standards?  Would they be allowed to make decisions about how to live their lives?  Could they choose their own career?  Start a family?  Manage their finances?

It doesn’t sound very democratic, but I have been stunned by how many people I thought I knew don’t believe in democracy.  

Enter a world where the exercising of democratic rights is only given to those who pass government enforced tests.  Tests designed to filter out those who might rock the boat and upset the proverbial apple cart.

The protagonist of my story is the son of a prominent politician, one who is fast approaching the age where he will lose his right to vote and will be forced to take retirement.  As a man who campaigned fiercely for the law he is now about to fall victim too, he now wants his son to carry on his legacy by following in his footsteps and entering the political arena.

His son is happy to do that, until he fails the test that determines how he should live his life and loses everything.

A political storm is brewing and my MC (who really needs a name) is soon caught right in the middle of a revolution, and there are those who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to ensure the status quo is maintained.

This is going to be a dark story and a reminder not to take democracy for granted, because when you suggest that it should be restricted, and rights stripped away from other people because they think differently to you, this is the sort of world you are asking for.

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