A is for Angels

Welcome to the first of my A to Z posts, showcasing stories, characters, and themes in my stories. There will be some excerpts and teasers and some information you may not have known about the stories, even if you have read them.

I will be posting these fortnightly until I have worked through the whole alphabet.  In fact, I have them all scheduled and ready to post every other Sunday right through to March 2018.

A is for Angels

Angels and Archangels are amongst my favourite paranormal species and there are plenty to be found in my stories.

The first of my angels was Machidiel “Mac” from the Heavenly Sins series.

Between Heaven & Hell was one of those stories that got away from me in a big way. What had started out as a short story about an angel and a demon fighting over a human quickly morphed into something much more. Instead of a human torn between good and evil, I ended up with an angel/demon/human menage and I am still not entirely sure how that happened.

What you may not know, unless you have read the series of course, is that the menage was Mac’s idea. Yes, it was the angel who came up with the solution to their predicament.

Of course, Mac is not the only angel in my stories and many other angels and archangels play roles in the series. The biggest role, however, fell to the archangel Michael, who now has his own epically long story as well. Michael’s story, told entirely from his point of view, charts his relationship with Lucifer from before the archangel fell from grace, through the centuries to the present day and beyond.

Although Lucifer featuring as a main character in the story puts it on the banned books list at one of my favourite book sites, this is not a story about worshipping the devil. It is the story of a fallen angel and the struggles of his lover to bring him back to the light. It is, above all, a story of redemption.

Excerpt from Between Heaven & Hell

Alastor left Tristan sleeping and padded downstairs to the kitchen. He didn’t know why he was surprised to see Mac sitting at the table.

“Don’t you believe in knocking?” he asked as he filled up the kettle at the sink.

“You gave quite a performance last night,” Mac replied. “Was it for my benefit?”

Alastor snorted and set the kettle to boil. “Contrary to what you may believe, my life doesn’t revolve around you.”

Mac’s eyes widened. “Oh, really? I thought perhaps it did, especially considering the amount of time you spent talking about me last night.”

“Didn’t you ever hear the old saying about eavesdroppers never hearing good about themselves?”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Mac smirked as he stood up, grabbed three mugs, set them on the counter, and opened the fridge. “I notice you didn’t say you weren’t attracted to me.”

Alastor picked up a carving knife and started to pick at his nails with the tip.

“Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” Mac prodded.

“Like what? You know I’m attracted to you. You’ve known it for aeons. It doesn’t exactly change anything, does it?”

Mac continued to rummage around the fridge. “I guess not. You know I feel the same, right?”

Alastor shrugged and sat at the table, still concentrating on his nails. “Like I said, it doesn’t change anything.”

“It might change everything if we both admit we want each other.”

Alastor glanced up momentarily and saw Mac had turned away from the fridge to stare at him intensely. “How so?”

Mac looked towards the door, perhaps checking they were still alone. “I’ve been thinking about our situation, and I want more than this.”

“More than spying on me when I’m fucking someone else, you mean?”

Mac rolled his eyes. “Like you weren’t watching me with Tristan last Halloween, just as you’ve watched me with so many of my lovers. I suspect you didn’t stay all night when I bedded Tristan, otherwise you’d know I didn’t try to poison his mind against you. But you admitted you followed us back here and I’m certain you watched me take him, wishing it was you.”

Alastor shrugged. “I don’t deny it. I knew you’d be back last night to watch us. Why do you think I took him on the stairs? Just a few feet away from where you had him up against the wall. Did it turn you on?”

Mac nodded shakily. “That’s not why I’m here this morning though. I noticed something last night.”

Alastor grinned. “Are you finally going to admit I’ve got a bigger package than you?”

“Certainly not. Don’t you want to know what it was?”

Alastor gestured for him to continue.

“You called out Tristan’s name when you came.” Mac leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. “What do you think about that?”

“Huh?” Alastor furrowed his brow. “I was having sex with him, what did you expect?”

“I expected you to call out my name,” Mac explained. “Just like you have every time you’ve got laid for centuries now. Why do you think so many men you sleep with kick you out of bed as soon as they’ve recovered?”

“How long have you been spying on me?” Alastor questioned. He wasn’t going to admit he’d been picturing Mac between his thighs each time he’d had sex for as long as he could remember. At least, until last night. Tristan had banished Mac from his mind just as surely as Alastor had pushed him from Tristan’s.

Mac leaned forward and Alastor could feel his warm breath against his ear. “For as long as you’ve been watching me.”

Alastor’s groin tightened. He’d often suspected Mac was as much a voyeur as himself.

Mac placed his hand lightly on Alastor’s thigh. “For the first time in as long as we’ve been doing this, you were with someone else—and I mean really with him. You want Tristan more than you’ve ever wanted anyone, except perhaps me.”

“I don’t do relationships,” Alastor reminded him.

“Perhaps it’s time you did,” Mac suggested. He continued to lightly rub his hand along Alastor’s thigh.

Alastor’s voice was barely more than a whisper when he replied. “With Tristan?”

Mac’s hand stilled. “Yes, and with me.”

4 responses to “A is for Angels

  1. Aw, thanks. It is always nice to hear that someone has liked one of my stories, and that I am not talking to myself here on my blog. 🙂

  2. Fun idea! I look forward to the next 25 letters (and posts). I go through phases where I’m just hooked on angel stories. I haven’t had one for awhile, but I can feel it coming on again. 🙂

  3. Thanks Carolyn. I am trying to make this blog a little more active so this is my first idea for getting some regular posts going. They are all scheduled (that was my job on Sunday) so will be posted 12noon GMT every second Sunday.

    If you check out my angel stories I hope you like them. There are four in total, the trilogy and one stand alone spin off, so not the longest series on earth and I currently have no plans for any more. Which, when I am looking at books to buy is always a bonus since I already follow way too many series. 🙂

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