Bored Now…

It is the 22nd April and I should be writing like crazy and hitting my target. My target is only 30,000 words, so if I was really motivated I should have already reached it. Unfortunately I seem to have stalled at the 21k mark.

The truth is, I am just bored of this story. As a thriller/suspense story it is anything but thrilling.  The story has gone off on a tangent and is firmly in the land of the mediocre, not fit to be seen by anyone.

So, what do I do? Struggle on until I finish it, or at least hit the 30k mark, or try to do something more familiar and flit back to the romance genre?

My aliens are talking to me and I would like to go work on their story, but I really hate the idea of giving up on the story I am supposed to be working on.

I thought distancing myself from the online drama might help, but while I have been a little more productive since The Purge, I don’t think anything I have written this month is going to be salvageable.

In other news Shifting Currents is out on general release this coming week, and I am hoping that might give me a nudge into getting book five sorted out.

I am also really keeping my fingers crossed for some nice reviews for this one, since another bunch of “okay, but…” reviews are definitely not going to help my motivation.

So, if you have/do read Shifting Currents and like it, please consider leaving a quick review.

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