C is for Cross-Dressing

Although you won’t find any drag queens and performers in my stories, there are a couple of cross-dressers in my Fairy Tales for All series.

Robert and Mathias both dress in women’s clothing, but for very different reasons.

For Robert, it is simply the case of liking women’s clothing. He enjoys the freedom of the long flowing dresses that belonged to his mother and wears them in private, if not in public. With his long hair and delicate features he can pass for female, at least at a distance. Only when he speaks is it clear he is male, though sometimes even then it isn’t quite obvious… at least not when the man you are speaking to is as dense as Prince Aiden. The prince definitely isn’t the brightest of men, though his has a good heart that makes up for his deficiencies.

The second of my fairy tale men who dresses in women’s clothes is Mathias. In his case, it doesn’t really enjoy wearing female clothing, but it is something of a necessity. As the grandson of a wicked witch he now lives in the prison that was hers. Trapped in a desolate world, only returning to civilisation one day per year, he has just one day to earn enough money to purchase supplies to last him the next year. No one would approach a male witch, so he takes on the disguise of a woman for survival.

Two different men, in very different roles, who wear the clothing of the opposite gender in the world of fairy tales.

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