D is for Dragons

Nothing screams fantasy for me more than a mythical creature like a dragon and there is no shortage of them in my stories.

The first of my dragons is Runt, the mistreated and neglected young man in Destiny and Dragons, part of my Fairy Tales for All series.

Runt, as his name would suggest, is a very different sort of dragon. While these mythical creatures are often portrayed as monsters or at least dominating men with dragon forms, Runt is the opposite. The monsters are the one who holds him prisoner, and, to a lesser extent, the family who left him behind.

A sweet dragon is something I felt was missing in the genre and I hope you enjoy meeting him. I know authors are not supposed to have favourites when it comes to their characters, but Runt is definitely one of mine.

Runt isn’t the only dragon in my stories. There are also some sea dragons in my Mermen & Magic series. These mythical creatures are held captive by the merpeople of Atlantis and use their powers of invisibility to shield the mer and the hidden underwater city from the rest of the world.

Huge, powerful, and vicious, the sea dragons are far more like traditional dragons in fiction, even if they live under the ocean.

The sea dragons are also… oops, now that would be telling. 😉


Once the servants had departed, Marcus went to fetch Runt from the bedroom so he could take a bath. As Runt stripped out of his borrowed clothes, Marcus tried not to stare at his body. When he caught Robert’s knowing glance, he scowled and set about scrubbing at Runt’s hair with a little more force than was necessary.

When Runt cringed at his ministrations, he mumbled apologies and made an effort to take more care. He tried to keep his touches business-like, but he didn’t fool anyone and certainly not himself. As he washed away the layers of dirt, bruises upon bruises were revealed, along with more scars than Marcus had ever seen on another living being. Marcus’s heart ached when he saw the abuse the poor dragon had suffered.

He was vaguely aware of Robert and Aiden leaving the chambers, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Runt. A thin scar, several years old, stretched down the length of his arm. Marcus traced the raised flesh with his finger.

“One of the princes did that,” Runt whispered. “I was lucky. If I hadn’t moved just in time, he would have pierced my heart. Sometimes I used to wonder whether I might be better off if one of them had.”

“No!” Marcus took Runt into his arms, cautious not to hold him too tightly. “Never say that. You’re safe now.”

“I’d given up,” Runt cried. “When you came to the castle, I’d given up hope of ever being free again. I longed for the pain to end. I just wanted everything to be over.”

Marcus carried Runt to the rug in front of the fire. He held the dragon while he sobbed and Marcus murmured nonsense words into his ear. He vowed the witch would be dead before the end of the year. No one else would suffer at her hands.

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