E is for Ethan

Ethan is a man with an unusual problem and one of the heroes of one of my more “out there” stories. His problem is that he forgets his lover every time he leaves his presence after they have sex. Providing they stay together he recalls every detail of his time with Caleb. But the moment they part company, he forgets everything.

With shades of 50 First Dates and other similar media, Always Forgotten is a new twist on memory problems.

How does a man who is cursed to be forgotten achieve a lasting relationship and find a love strong enough to break the curse?


Caleb glanced at the clock on the wall. “Time to make your choice.”


“Stay and have sex with me or leave now with all your memories intact.”

“You mean I’ll remember you if we don’t have sex?”


Ethan understood this would be his last chance to leave. He had to make a decision and quickly. “Does everyone who sleeps with you find love the next day?”

“As far as I know. I don’t exactly stalk them all to check.”

“Then I could leave here tomorrow with no memories and not discover Mr Right waiting round the next corner?”

“You could.”

Ethan took another swig of his beer.

“If it makes your decision any easier, many of the men who walk out of here tell me they’ll definitely come back for round two. None ever have, but they seemed to enjoy themselves while they were here.”

“I usually get to know men a little better before I let them fuck me.”

Caleb laughed, and the sound wasn’t entirely pleasant. “I’m sure you’ll understand that in my circumstances, I don’t exactly date. Why should I invest my time getting to know a man who’ll forget me as soon as we’ve fucked?”

“Maybe if you did, one of them would remember you the next morning?” Ethan suggested with a smile.

“Oh I tried, several times, but they each forgot me just as swiftly as those who had only met me hours before.”

Again, Ethan found himself at a bit of a loss for words.

“Have you decided what you’re going to do yet?” Caleb asked.

“In a hurry?” Ethan countered.

“Not particularly.”

Ethan finished his beer before he spoke again. “Well, I don’t have any other plans tonight, so what the hell?”

Caleb chuckled. “I could always send you on your way, if being with me is such a chore.”

Ethan shook his head and placed the bottle on the floor. “I’ve had one-night stands before. This is just another one of those, right?”

“I suppose you could call it that.”

Caleb stood and again Ethan was awed by his height. If Caleb really was over two hundred years old, he must have positively towered over his fellow men back then.

“Strip,” Caleb said.

“What?” Ethan wasn’t sure he had heard him correctly.

“Undress,” Caleb ordered. “I want to see your body.”

With shaking hands, Ethan unbuttoned his shirt. “I thought we might talk a little first.”

“What about?”

“I don’t know…likes and dislikes, safe sex maybe?”

“We can talk just as easily naked as dressed.”

“I suppose so.”

Caleb walked over to the window and drew the blind. Ethan breathed a little easier in the darkened room, at least until Caleb switched on the overhead light.

“That’s better. I like to see who I’m fucking.”

“I prefer the dark.”

“My room, my rules,” Caleb replied, as he took his seat once more.

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