F is for Futuristic

The future has so many possibilities and I have many stories planned for different times in the future, where mankind has taken different paths.

At the present time, only one of those futuristic stories is available and that is To See the Sky, a story set in a dystopian world in the distant future, where the human race has been forced to live underground to escape the toxic gasses on the earth’s surface. It is a harsh life for anyone who is not a scientist and most people simply struggle to survive.

Unfortunately, despite the terrible conditions many people in this world live in, human nature has not changed much and people always want a way to ensure that they are not at the bottom of the social scale, even when it means belittling others or judging them for their choices.

AJ is one such person who has the make a difficult choice. To save his sister’s life he sells his body to the highest bidder, even knowing that he is risking alienation from his family and society if his actions are discovered.

While I am trying to keep these posts light and informative, and not use them to answer various criticisms of my stories, I will say to those who have criticised this story in the respect that they believe people at the bottom of the social scale would not judge others for selling their bodies… you clearly have a far higher opinion of the human race than I do. From what I have seen, the judging of others in such a way is one of the more abhorrent aspects of human nature.

To See the Sky is set in a dark world in the distant future where some of the worst aspects of the human race have brought about devastating consequences for the earth itself and those who have survived to live on  (or in this case under) it.

And if you liked the world of To See the Sky keep an eye on this blog for the sequel To Change the Stars which picks up some time after the end of To See the Sky and follows Jessiah’s story.

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