G is for Genie

Okay, slight cheating on my part here since my genie story has him referred to as a Djinn, but I already did a recent short profile on Benji from Touch of a Ghost and the Gods and Goddesses are coming up later, so Genie it is.

For my genie and magical wishes story, I have stuck very much to the traditional type of genie, even though he is a little stingy on the wishes, only granting one per person, and the hero of this tale isn’t even the one who made the wish.

Imagine what you would do if you were suddenly whisked from your life and told you had to play the role of a loving husband for a day in order to grant a wish. For Scott Baxter that is exactly what happens and he soon finds he enjoys the role a little too much.

The genie masquerading as cupid is one of my many characters who I might like to revisit at some point. I imagine there can be a lot of magical mischief he could get up to in his quest to bring people together.

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