I is for Immortals

There are many immortals in my books, including the demons and angels of the Heavenly Sins series that I featured here last time. However, this week, I am looking specifically at the immortals in the Mermen & Magic series.

I loved the old Hercules series from back in the 90s (?) and have taken some inspiration from that series opener…

“This is a story of a time long ago, a time of myths and legend, when the ancient gods were petty and cruel and they plagued mankind with suffering…”

Apologies if I misquoted, it is a long time (years!) since I have watched any of these and I am going from memory alone.

Anyway, that is very much how the immortals of my Mermen & Magic series behave too. Although the Hercules immortals were Greeks, and mine are Atlantean, there are some similarities in how they behave.

Each of the immortals has their own agenda and their own plots and schemes that the heroes of my stories are not always privy to.

In my stories, in ancient times the Atlantean gods sank the city of Atlantis below the waves to save the people of Atlantis from coming wars from other races. They granted their people the ability to live below the waves alongside the merpeople who already inhabited the waters in the area.

Then, at an unspecified (as yet) time, the Atlanteans vanished from the underwater city and many of the gods and goddesses went into a form of stasis. Now, in modern times, they are finally beginning to wake.

Here are a some of the major players in the series.

Cari – Goddess of Prophecy – is a goddess who is mostly benevolent, but she has a stubborn streak and a strong desire to maintain her place in the world. She didn’t sleep because she had a strong following amongst the mer people who she had embraced alongside the Atlanteans. Her three appointed Oracles (with the power to see the past present and future respectively) are what keeps her in the world.

Medina – Goddess of Love – slept thanks to a powerful spell she performed that, together with the loss of the Atlanteans, drained her. She is also mostly benevolent and shortly after the sinking of Atlantis she ruled the city alongside her two lovers, one Atlantean and one merman. She does have a volatile temper however, and her curses are not to be taken lightly. Newly awoken, she is now finding her place in the modern world and doing whatever she can to increase her power base, even if it means being quite manipulative.

Caspian – God of Justice – is the brother of Cari and he also remained a part of the world and didn’t sleep. He will have his own story in the series and his past holds the key to what happened to the Atlanteans.

Mariana – Goddess of Sea Creatures – is strongly prejudiced against the merpeople and is determined that the city of Atlantis should be for Atlanteans alone. She is powerful and dangerous and one of the most unpleasant of the immortals.

Odessa – Goddess of Fertility, Family, Hearth and Home – she is the mother of Caspian and Cari. Although she is generally one of the less manipulative of the immortals, acting without thinking has had devastating consequences on the merpeople that could wipe them out of existence.

Cynbel – God of War – he is the father of Caspian and Cari and is one of the most powerful of the immortals. He is prepared to do anything to protect his family, even at the risk of his own life. A warrior first and foremost, he is not a man who can be reasoned with and, like his wife, is likely to act first and think things through later.

There are other immortals in the series, but these are all the major players. I hope that you have enjoyed meeting them.

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