Unhealthy Lifestyle – Holo-Assistant Takeover Part 2

Do you lead an unhealthy lifestyle?

Are you eating the wrong foods?

Do you struggle to make time for exercise?

With the brand new Holo-Assistant v1 all your worries of this nature will be over.

The Holo-Assistant will order healthy food at the best prices, ensuring you maintain a balanced diet.

Worried about food allergies?  Not a problem.  The Holo-Assistant has access to all your medical records and will check every label of every product before making the purchase.  Your health will always be at the forefront of the Holo-Assistant’s programming.

Eating out tonight?  Let the Holo-Assistant book the table, order a hover-taxi, and do everything to make the evening run smoothly.

Tempted to reach for an unhealthy treat?  The Holo-Assistant will be there with a gentle reminder about healthier options.

Are you finding it hard to schedule time to exercise?  The Holo-Assistant will find time for you, inserting it into your schedule without interrupting your work schedule.  Your gym membership will be renewed and if the Holo-Assistant can find you a cheaper or closer alternative, it will.

The Holo-Assistant is also designed to save you money.  When it does the weekly shop for groceries it will check every online store for the best bargains, so you don’t have to.

With the Holo-Assistant you will be living a long and healthy life.

More information on how the Holo-Assistant can help you coming soon.

Available for pre-order at Amazon.

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