P is for Prisoners

As I said in my last A to Z post, the Oracles are very much prisoners in the sunken city for much of the series. They are not the only prisoners I have written about though.

There are prisoners in Heavenly Sins series when various characters get trapped for various reasons in the Underworld.

Then there is the sweet dragon Runt, who has lived most of his life as a prisoner of a witch in my Destiny & Dragons story.

Sticking with the fairy tales, Potions and Prisons is – unsurprisingly – another story with a prison in it. In this case the prison contains one single prisoner (and his dog), the grandson of a wicked witch. Through no fault of his own, Mathias is trapped in his home for the rest of his life, only allowed freedom for one single day each year.

When John the Woodcutter gets trapped in his home with him, he finds himself sharing the prison for a year, again through no real fault of his own – or no fault other than not listening to warnings.

I do like to make it difficult for my characters, but each and every one of them has the key to their freedom, or at least their happiness, if they only know where to look.

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