T is for Telepathy

If I had known how much it would annoy me to constantly be hitting CTRL + I (and frequently hitting anything but that combination) I am not sure I would have quite so many telepathic characters in my stories.

But, I didn’t know, which means there are a lot.

Angels and demons can communicate telepathically with each other and often this is the only way of speaking when they are in different realms and need to get in touch. There are no mobile phones in the realm of angels or the underworld.

Another place with a distinct lack of modern technology is under the ocean and telepathy is once again the primary form of communication for my merpeople. They find this is something of an advantage when it comes to kissing as they can carry on a conversation at the same time.

There is also some telepathy in Destiny & Dragons, though in this case it is much less than the other stories and only happens when Runt is in his dragon form.

I would say that in the future, once the Mermen & Magic series is finished at least, there will probably be much less telepathic communication in my stories, so enjoy it while you can.

And since this is being scheduled to go live on New Year’s Eve – HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Stop back later for my also already scheduled Yearly Roundup post.

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