W is for Wishes

Although all of my characters have a wish to find love, there is one story where wishes play a huge part of the story.

One Perfect Wish is the story of a man who finds himself fulfilling someone else’s wish, thanks to a djinn who is dabbling in a little matchmaking on the side of his wish granting duties.

Wishing for someone specific to fall in love with someone is always a huge no no in stories because it takes away free will, but thankfully that isn’t the route this story takes. I won’t say who has wished for what because that would be a huge spoiler, but I hope you enjoy my wish granting djinn and the recipients of his matchmaking skills.

Thankfully for Scott, he does enjoy his time with Cameron, as is clear in the excerpt below.

Cameron kissed him slowly as he continued to grope him. Scott was vaguely aware of Cameron pulling his zipper down, his hand slipping into his boxers, fisting his cock and stroking him.

“Like this?” Cameron whispered between kisses.

“What if someone sees us?” Scott asked. Visions of school kids coming to the hillside and catching them fornicating in the snowdrift crossed his mind.

“We’re pretty well buried in the snow here,” Cameron pointed out. “If anyone comes sledging they’ll not see us until they’re on top of us.”

“That’s not exactly comforting.”

Cameron gave him a smug glance. “You really think you can last more than a minute?” he asked.

“Not a chance in hell of that,” Scott admitted as Cameron whipped his dick out of his boxers and quickly took him into the warmth of his mouth. What in the world had happened to him? He didn’t remember ever being this horny, not even during his teenage years.

How had he gone from a businessman who hooked up with the occasional random man as and when the need arose, to the husband of a man whose idea of a fun time was playing in the snow?

Scott closed his eyes and let Cameron have his way with him. His husband certainly knew how to give a good blow job. He sucked down his entire length, deep throating him with an expertise Scott envied. With his lips and tongue,

Cameron swiftly brought him to the brink.

Whether anyone could see them or not, Scott was pretty sure the entire village heard his cry of completion as he came down Cameron’s throat.

Cameron sat up and licked his lips. “Want to go again?” he asked.

Scott panted and gasped for breath. “I don’t think I can get it up again yet.”

“I meant the sledge.”

Scott pulled Cameron back down on top of him. “Let’s leave the sledging to the kids,” he suggested. All it took was a few heated kisses for Cameron to agree.

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