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For those who know me, I love music. I can blow through an iTunes gift card in minutes. That is no joke. I have thousands of songs between my computer, cloud and iPod and I keep buying more almost weekly. While writing Whispers of Love, I had to dig into my music, even my playlists on YouTube and came up with some tracks that made writing even more fun.

To write darker things I listen to bands like Metallica and NIN. Sometimes, I watch the video for BTS’ Blood Sweat Tears. Trust me, it works. For lighter I go for pop music, anything from the mid to late nineties boy bands.

I had to do a shorter version of this list before—my top 5 songs to write nookie to. That was torture. I have over 700 songs in my Love Making playlist and they wanted me to just pick 5. Now, let me see if I can do better with my top 20! HA! All these songs can be found on YouTube of course. Hopefully, you’ll find some new music to add to your playlists.

With that said…..

Let’s do this thing!

  1. Sexuality by Taemin – Yes, I am aware this song isn’t in English. But it doesn’t matter. The title alone should tell you what it’s about. The song is beautiful when translated into English but it has an almost orgasmic sound. Taemin is a member of the Kpop band SHINee but solo he’s seems to be on a mission to smashing open that stereotype of what “masculine” means. I love it.


  1. Whisper by Leo & Ravi aka VIXX subunit LR – This song is breath-taking and the video is very well made. The lyrics when translated into English doesn’t have the same feel but here’s the first bit:


Tell me your love
To the point where I melt
Tickle my heart
Show me your love
Yeah we’re burnin’ up baby
Whisper yourself into my heart

See what I mean? Beautiful song.


  1. Suddenly by Toni Braxton – First of all, Toni’s voice alone, slowed down and husky, makes for many a love scenes. But this song gives me the feeling of being in love and so it fits perfectly here on this list.


  1. Pillow Talk by Zayn – I was never a One Direction fan. Not even a little bit. But solo, they seem to be making music I wanna listen to. Their solo projects are way better than their group stuff, in my opinion. This song is super sexy.


  1. Move by Taemin – yes, here he is again. This song is slow when it needs to be, hard when it needs to be and watching the video really puts a girl in the mood.


  1. We Could Make Love by SoMo – He is probably going to appear more than once on this list. His music is all about the nookie. He has this big, voice that is just *sigh*


  1. Body by Minho – A member of one of the newer Kpop bands, WINNER, Minho is an underrated force to be reckoned with. The lyrics are beautiful and that mixed with his voice is just perfection.


  1. Lend Me Your Love by Preston Hutto– The first time I heard this song, someone on youtube had made a video for some of the more beautiful scenes from Hit the Floor with just Jude and Zero. I remember watching the video over and over, not because I ADORE Jude and Zero (of course I do! Their chemistry is amazing!) but because I couldn’t get enough of the song and my Shazam wasn’t working. But it’s soft, and beautiful.


  1. Never Ever Gonna Give You Up by Lisa Stansfield – Bet you thought I was gonna Rick Roll ya! I know, this isn’t really an overtly sexual song. But if you’re like me, I also love things that aren’t in your face sexy. This song is about a woman who loves her man so much, that she just wants to let him know that whatever he wants, however he wants it, she’s his girl. And the video tells him that’s she wants him so much she rushes out of the house naked and walk across the city just to be with him. Love this song.


  1. Electric by Vybz Kartel –yeah, I’m not usually a reggae person when it comes to these scenes. But this song is beautiful.


  1. Talking Bodies by Tove Lo – Just listening to the lyrics to this makes me want to write a love scene.


  1. Savage by Tank – This song is a tad um—well, in your face. And sometimes, a love scene needs to be. Tank does not mince words in this track but it gets the job done.


  1. Breathe you in my Dreams by Trixie Whitley – I love, love, love this song. I accidentally found her one of those times I fell down the Youtube blackhole. But this song is sensual, sexual (there’s a difference, trust me) romantic, haunting, all those things wrapped into one.


  1. Aquaman by Jay Park – Predominantly in English, this little ditty by Jay is sexy. Trust me, this song has nothing to do with the superhero. It’s all about going down…*blush* oh man.


  1. Body Say by Demi Lovato – Sure she started out as a one of Barney’s Friends (yes, big purple dinosaur). But this song is hot enough to singe eyebrows.


  1. Love on the Brain by Rihanna – This song is intelligent sexy. It’s the kind of song that you have to listen to and focus on the lyrics and you don’t realize just how sexy it is until you’re singing it out loud in the car going 100 in a 60 zone.


  1. When We by Tank – This song is what Fifty Shades would be if they’d hired Idris Elba to play the main male role. The lyrics alone are enough to make you head for a cold shower. Pair that with the BDSM video – yup, *head explodes*


  1. First by SoMo – Here he is again. I could have done this entire list with just his songs or the songs he’s chosen to cover. With its many references to rain, I’m pretty sure you can guess what this one is about.


  1. Play by Jaremi Carey aka RuPaul’s Dragrace Alum Phi Phi O’hara – This song is so beautiful and sexy it blew my mind that Phi Phi did it. His voice is spectacular and the video—*dreamy sigh*


  1. Bilingual by Jose Nunez Featuring Taina – You want to listen to the dirty mix of this one. Trust me, if you love reading Kink or things on the hotter scale, this song will do it every time.


Nope, that wasn’t any easier. I still have songs I would have loved to put on here, plus songs that I probably didn’t even think about. So, honourable mentions? But I really hope you found some new songs for your playlists!

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