X is for X-rated

I was tempted to cheat and say it is for Xtra and direct you all to the free reads, but I already cheated a little on the letter G so will do this one properly.

My stories range from sweet to erotic romance and everything in between. Here are a couple of glimpses from the sexier scenes in my stories for this letter of the alphabet.

First up, a glimpse at the scene that is always my answer when asked in an interview about the hottest scene I have ever written.  The MMMF scenes in Falling into Darkness have the dubious honour of being the hottest.

After thirty years, even Lucifer seemed to be affected by the all-encompassing lust of having two sex demons in their bed.

Lucifer pulled Ardat into a passionate kiss. Michael watched Lucifer and Ardat together and didn’t feel the jealousy he had previously experienced. Desire coursed through him and he grabbed Irdu’s hair and pulled him round to face him. Their kiss was hard and brutal, more teeth than lips as they battled for dominance with their tongues.

Then another mouth was on his and he tasted the familiar lips of his lover. The kiss softened and Michael moaned as Lucifer lowered him to the bed.

He felt two sets of lips on his balls and he canted his hips upward. The demons weren’t supposed to suck him, and technically they weren’t, but they were tiptoeing close to the line. If Lucifer saw them he would be furious. Michael should tell them to stop, but what they did to him felt so good.

Lucifer withdrew from the kiss and Michael whimpered.

The demons at his groin pulled back as well, but Michael could tell Lucifer had seen what they had been doing. He waited for the explosion, but it never came.

Michael caught the triumphant glance Irdu and Ardat exchanged, but it was seemingly lost on Lucifer, who stared at Michael as though he couldn’t tear his eyes away from him for more than a second.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked, not entirely certain he could believe what he was seeing.

Lucifer tugged Michael into a sitting position and sat behind him, one leg on either side of Michael’s thighs.

“Which one do you want to ride your cock?” Lucifer whispered into Michael’s ear.

“Either, both,” Michael breathed.

“Time to make a choice,” Lucifer murmured.

“If I choose Ardat, can Irdu fuck me afterwards?” Michael asked. For a moment he wondered if he had gone too far with his suggestion, then Lucifer’s erection nudged his rear and he knew his lover was equally turned on by the idea.

“Ride him, Ardat,” Lucifer ordered.

The succubus gracefully crawled over the bed and lowered herself onto Michael’s cock.

“Oh fuck.” Michael gasped, savoring the sensation of burying himself in a woman for the first time in his life. It felt different from being inside Lucifer, but just as good. Her body opened to him easily, and he slid into her warmth.

Ardat rode him expertly, seeking her own pleasure. “You’ll never know another woman like this,” she said. “Only I can make any man want me. Even an archangel, who has known only men, cannot resist what I offer him.”

Michael watched Irdu slide up behind Ardat and grope her breasts, toying with her nipples, and displaying them for Michael and Lucifer’s enjoyment.

Ardat threw back her head, drawing power from Michael with each breath she took. Her hair cascaded down her back and she cried out as she climaxed.

Michael followed her a moment later, spilling his seed inside her willing body.

Irdu drew Ardat away and laid her down on the bed. “Suck them,” he said, gesturing to her breasts. “I want to watch you do that before I take you.”

Michael glanced at Lucifer who nodded, and the two of them dove eagerly onto Ardat’s breasts, sucking at the peaks. Michael marveled at the way the buds hardened and peaked at even the slightest touch. They were far more sensitive than his own nubs or even Lucifer’s.

Lucifer seemed equally enamored with Ardat’s other breast and Michael wondered why they had not done this before.

Michael watched Irdu bend over Ardat’s groin, part her thighs and bury his face between her legs.

Ardat gasped and clung to Michael and Lucifer by their hair.

Lucifer continued to pay homage to the succubus, but Michael craved something else. He could see Irdu’s thick cock hanging between his legs and Michael’s arse ached to feel it inside him.

When Ardat came for the second time, Irdu finally sat back and stared at Michael.

“Fuck me,” Michael said.

He didn’t wait for a response. He rolled onto his hands and knees, knowing Irdu would do as he asked. The demon had made no secret of the fact he wanted this.


And if you want to read the rest of the scene, I am afraid I am going to make you buy the book.  Go on, you know you want to know what happens next.  😉

And for my second excerpt, here is the scene everyone who has read My Boyfriend’s an Alien seems to remember more than any of the others.

Zak practically ran from the office, the swelling in his trousers even more painful than it had been before he’d gone into the room.

He dug the map of the college out of his backpack and looked for the showers. He knew they were there somewhere.

“Where are you?” he muttered to himself as he searched the map, finally locating them on the ground floor near the sports complex. “Yes!”

He hurried down the corridor and raced down the stairs. Most of the students from the last sports class were getting changed back into their clothes. A few still lingered in the showers, washing off the grime and sweat of their lesson. Zak stripped off his clothes and hopped into the showers, determined to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Out of the corner of his eye Zak could see a few of the other young men looking in his direction. He ignored them and leant forward, bracing one hand against the wet tiles. He gripped his penis with his other hand and stroked up and down the length in the same way that the man on the computer screen had done. It was too dry so Zak reached across and turned on the shower. The water made it a little smoother going, but he wasn’t entirely sure he was doing it properly.

Zak tried to recall what he had seen on the monitor and remembered that one of the images was of a man using both hands, one to touch his length and the other to cup his testicles. Since he needed one hand to brace himself against the wall, he let go of his dick and directed his attention towards his balls, squeezing them and learning to his surprise that it felt pretty good.

He shivered as he found a particularly sensitive spot. Damn, this human body was like nothing he had ever had before. It was so responsive to his touch. Why hadn’t he tried a little exploration before now?

Of course the answer was simple—until now he had not been interested in the body he was stuck in. It had been merely a vessel and something he had to endure.

Now he saw things differently. He needed to touch every single spot and discover all of its secrets.

Suddenly the image popped into his head of Sam being the one doing the touching. Sam’s fingers ghosting over his cock and touching him intimately. Sam stroking his back and arse and all those places Zak couldn’t quite get to. Were there any more spots just out of his reach that he and Sam could discover together?

He returned his attention back to his erection, stroking the length more rapidly as he strained to reach some pinnacle he didn’t completely understand. He felt out of control, his body no longer entirely his own.

“Sam,” he groaned as he touched himself. “Oh, God, Sam!”

His legs buckled and he braced himself to stop from falling to the ground. His vision blurred as he lost what little control he had left and semen shot from the end of his penis, hitting the tiles opposite him.

When he had recovered himself a little, Zak became aware of the sound of clapping and laughter behind him. He turned to see a crowd of students in various stages of undress watching him with wide eyes and open mouths. He had a feeling he had done something wrong again, even though all he’d done was follow Darren’s advice.

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