Y is for Young Love

While I enjoy stories that show people falling in love at any age, I must admit that I like the young first love stories most of all. Unsurprisingly, several of my stories therefore fall into that particular genre.

Here are some of the characters who fall in love for the first time in my stories.

Zak and Sam – The heroes of My Boyfriend’s an Alien are teenagers and two of the youngest heroes in my stories and they, for very different reasons, are finding love for the first time.

Robert – The painter from Let Down Your Hair has lived an isolated life and has struggled to make friends, let alone find love.

Lucifer – The fallen angel of my stories fell in love with Michael and while he wasn’t exactly young at the time, it was his first love.

Runt – The poor neglected dragon from Destiny & Dragons is another who finds love for the first time in his story.

As for most of the others – they may have loved before, but it doesn’t mean they can’t find love again, it just means they didn’t quite get it right the first time, or their love was lost to them. They just have to wait a little longer for their happy ending.

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