Hidden Depths

The long wait for the next Mermen & Magic book is nearly over.  Contracts have been signed this week for Hidden Depths, book five in the series.

The release date is 30th October 2018 and it will be available for pre-order at Pride Publishing on 18th September 2018.


Jake Seabrook, a human descendant of Medina, the Atlantean Goddess of Love, never asked for magical powers. Unfortunately not only does he have them, they are growing stronger as more of the Atlantean gods wake from their long slumber.

When Jake develops the power to hear the thoughts of anyone thinking about love, lust, or sex, it is strange and embarrassing, but also reveals cracks in his relationship with his mermen lovers, Kyle and Finn. If they are going to continue to live as a ménage, they will have to learn to be honest with each other.

With Jake’s powers out of control and their relationship on shaky ground, the last thing any of them need is a crisis in the sunken city.

The Atlantean gods want to regain the powers they lost when the Atlantean people were banished from the city, but the solution will leave the mer who live in the city no choice but to evacuate and search for a new home, or risk exposing the existence of the mer to the whole world.

Kyle and Finn return to Atlantis to help with the evacuation and ensure the safety of their families, but time is not on their side. When Atlantis rises the consequences could tear apart their ménage forever.


The sixth and final book is also nearly finished.   I have just one scene left to do. I had to put that story to one side for edits on Loving Kit, and haven’t quite made it back to it yet.  But, the wait for the final book shouldn’t be as long as for book five.  It is my intention to get it submitted to Pride prior to the pre-order date for book five.

In other news, I am pleased to see that Loving Kit is doing quite well at Amazon, certainly in comparison to my last few releases. It seems like Sci-fi MMM MPreg is more popular than I thought.  For those who liked the world I introduced in that story, I am now working on another story set in the same universe.  This story is tentatively titled Saving Jax and should stand entirely alone.  I am hoping to finish this by the end of the year, but have a few other projects that I need to get done first.

One of those projects is the long-ago promised sequel to To See the Sky. This story is written but I am not entirely happy with a few of the scenes that I feel are out of place. It should hopefully be fixed fairly soon and sent to the publisher this year. I am undecided whether it will go prior to the final book in the Mermen & Magic series or after.

The final Fairy Tales for All story, Magic & Mirrors is still also on the to do list. It is not coming together how I wanted it to and needs a lot of re-working.  It is likely that I will be doing that one over and possibly making it my Camp NaNo project this April. As a short story it is something I can fit in around the edits that are due at that time for Hidden Depths.

I have lots of other projects waiting around the corner too. I want to get at least one story self-published each year so need to find a short story / novella to do that. I have one idea, but have a feeling it might spawn a series, so I am hoping to find another project first as I want to ensure my various other series are completed before I dive into another one.

All in all, it is looking to be a busy year.  Let’s just hope it is a productive one too.

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