A #cockygate Roundup

This week has been full of cocky writers fighting one author for the right to use the word cocky.

I have learned more about trademarks than I ever thought I would need to know.

For those who might be following this through my blog, rather than via the hashtags on Twitter, here are some useful links to check out.

First of all check out Bianca Sommerland’s You Tube channel. This is the author who broke the story and she has done several videos about it. They cover the important highlights.

For an interview with Kevin Kneupper, the IP lawyer who has come out of retirement to fight the trademark, go check out this one.  It is very informative about the legal side of things.

Another fair assessment of the situation is one by Chris Fox and can be found here.

The sad thing about this whole mess is that the author who I won’t name here – she has had more than enough publicity from her stunt – will not be the only one to try this. Someone, somewhere, will think this is a good idea. Those following the story will already know about some of the other concerning trademarks that are in the works.

Before this month, no one really bothered to check the trademarks that had been applied for. I know I didn’t. I only looked up trademarks when I was doing the trademark acknowledgments page for my books. By the time we knew about the cocky trademark it was already in force.

There are plenty of sites out there with the ability to search trademarks, but here is the USPTO one.

So, moving forward, and in the interests of not letting another unscrupulous author try this particularly stunt, someone has set up the CockyBot.  A Twitter feed with updates from trademarks that have been filed that might have an impact on the writing community.

There are lots of authors posting about cockygate with their views and thoughts, and not just from the romance genre. I won’t list them all here, but they are easily found on the cockygate hashtag if you want to read them.

Finally, check out #thisishowyouindie on Twitter. The writing community has come together in support of the authors who have been targeted for daring to have cocky in their titles in a spectacular fashion and across many genres. I don’t think I have ever seen such rallying before.

Don’t forget to continue to support the authors too.  You can find their Amazon links on my previous post.  Again, if you know of anyone who is missing, please let me know. I have been keeping up as best I can this week, but from tomorrow I am back at the evil day job and won’t have as much time to devote to keeping up on Twitter.

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