November Madness

It is one minute after midnight on 1st November and I am at my keyboard ready to start my NaNoWriMo project!   Okay, not really. I am scheduling the post to go live then, but at midnight I will be in bed since I have work the following day.  My NaNo project will be waiting until the evening.

This year I have been focusing a lot of my writing on the MPreg genre with my uniquely adorable felines taking center stage.

Loving Kit was released earlier this year and has been well received by those who have read it.

With people asking for more stories from this universe, they have moved to the top of my writing projects list.  (I promise there are other projects on the list too.)


I have one more round of edits to go on Saving Jax and have it tentatively scheduled for release on 1st December 2018.

I am hopeful of squeezing the formatting into my NaNo schedule to keep to that release date.  It is certainly going to be out some time in December though.


In the New Year, Finding Trix will be on the editing schedule for January and I am hoping to get this story released in early March, if not February.

Later on, in April, there will be my next Pride Publishing release, To Change the Stars, a sequel to To See the Sky.

Then, if my NaNo project goes as well as I hope it does, my fourth MPreg will be up for editing and release too.

First though, I need to get it written.

Sharing Ash is the story of a dual-gendered feline who struggles to conceive.  Unlike other dual-gendered felines, who seem to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat, Ash is continually disappointed and feels as though he is somehow defective.  Ejected from the nest of the avian whose young he was supposed to bear, Ash must leave behind everyone and everything he has ever known.

I hope you will share Ash’s journey when the time comes, as well as my NaNo journey, as I will be trying to do at least weekly updates on how it is going.

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