Magic & Mirrors Release Day

Scheduling this ahead of NaNoWriMo so that I don’t forget to announce it in the rush of starting a new story.

It’s release day for Magic & Mirrors, my fourth fairy tale story in what is now known as the Gay Ever After series.

When King Lucius is imprisoned in a magic mirror by an evil wizard, he is forced to watch as his life is destroyed and his kingdom brought to the brink of ruin.  Trapped in his own reflection, he only has the freedom to move and talk when the wizard sleeps.

With his subjects under the dark spell of the wizard, Lucius is forced to rely on the most unlikely of heroes if he hopes to get his life back.

Harry comes from a long line of assassins and prides himself on being one of the best in the kingdom, but when he is hired to kill King Lucius he discovers that all is not as it seems in the Kingdom of Cinders.

Harry agrees to help Lucius in return for a full pardon for his crimes, but to complete his quest he may have to give up everything, including his freedom and the king he has come to love.

Buy now at Amazon or read in KU.

I know at least one person will be a little disappointed that the story is exclusive at Amazon.  I am closely monitoring the books that are at Amazon and in KU and at the moment that is the only place they are actually performing well, or at least a heck of a lot better than wide.  If their performances flag then I will see about pulling them from KU and distributing them to other venues.


And now back to my NaNo story, which is hopefully well underway by this point.  Well, more likely I have written next to nothing last night and am still in bed when this post goes live, but there might have been a miracle.  That or one of the cats has woken me and shoved me out of bed at the crack of bloody dawn.

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