Driving Me Crazy (Short Story)

Driving Me Crazy

They say that people in love do crazy things.  Brandon Walker can certainly relate.Lusting after Lee Cooper, his sexy driving instructor, isn’t the most sensible reason for failing his driving test for the third time and when he discovers the damage he has inadvertently done to his instructor’s reputation and business, Brandon knows that he is on his last chance.

After persuading Lee to give him one final course of driving lessons Brandon makes it his priority to figure out if the spark he feels between them is one-sided or whether he can persuade his sexy instructor to move their lessons from the front seat of the car to the back.



Driving Me Crazy by L.M. Brown is a cute and funny read… I smiled and laughed a lot when I was reading this one.  I would look for more of Ms. Brown’s stories in the future to see what adventure I would be taken on next. – Tina of Talking Two Lips

“Driving Me Crazy is entertaining, funny, and skillfully written.” – Author, Gale Stanley

“A great little read.” – youngromancelover at All Romance Ebooks

“So funny, everyone should check this one out.” – Pauline Allan gives Driving Me Crazy four stars at Goodreads.

“Very cute short story” – Lucy gives Driving Me Crazy four stars at Goodreads.