Let Down Your Hair (Novella)

Let Down Your Hair
A male/male fairy tale romance

When Prince Aiden sets out to rescue a princess, the last thing he expects to find is a cross-dressing artist named Robert. Can he set aside his fears and find the fairy tale ending he longs for?

In a world where fairy stories are historical fact, Prince Aiden is on a quest to find a princess to rescue and bring home as his bride. Deep in the Enchanted Forest, he finds Robert, a cross-dressing artist who lives alone in his tower. Mistaking him for a woman, Prince Aiden is determined to have Robert as his bride.

When the prince of his dreams shows up at Robert’s tower he is far from happy, especially when the handsome prince refuses to believe he is a man. Can he convince Prince Aiden to love him as the man he is, or is their happily ever after doomed from the start?

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“All in all, this is a thoroughly entertaining story which will give you more than a chuckle or two. If you like fractured fairy tales, you’ll love this one.” – Icy Snow for Talking Two Lips gives Let Down Your Hair five lips.banner1_zps0fdd4c05

“This author did what is so difficult in my opinion:  took a fairy tale setting and made it seem new again. Fairy tales are a favorite of mine, and this short one is being added to my favorites shelf.  Very recommended.” – Lucy at Hearts on Fire Reviews gives Let Down Your Hair five hearts and names it Book of the Week.

“This is one of the most funny, sweet and romantic stories I’ve read in quite a while. Every single character in this story is just perfect… I recommend this to everyone – it’s definitely one of the best fun fantasy stories I’ve read in a long time.” – Sadonna for The Armchair Reader.

“This book was just adorable! … This is a light angst free fun read I recommend to anyone who wants to smile.”  – Kinny at Goodreads gives Let Down Your Hair five stars.

“If you like re-interpreted fairy tales, if you’re looking for something to cheer you up, and if a romantic comedy with lots of behind-the-scenes truths is your thing, you will probably like this story as much as I did.” – Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews