Between Good & Evil #2 (Novel)

betweengoodandevil 200 x 320Between Good & Evil
Heavenly Sins – Book 2
A male/male/male paranormal romance

Is it possible for a demon to be a good man, or are all who have fallen for temptation evil at the core?

Tristan, Machidiel and Alastor are bound together by love, but their lives are running far from smooth. Thanks to Tristan’s demonic bargain with an incubus, they have no choice other than to accept that their lives are never going to be the same again.

To fulfil his obligations to the demon Tristan has two choices—remain with the incubus as his trainee or find a mortal to take his place. Neither option is appealing.

The three lovers struggle to release Tristan from his bargain, but find bigger problems on the horizon when a human caught up in the mess is taken prisoner by the Demon King himself.

With no help forthcoming from either angels or demons, the three lovers are on their own with a seemingly impossible mission before them—rescue the mortal from the Underworld.

Mac, meanwhile, has problems of his own. The archangels are voting on whether to ban relationships between angels and demons, and if the new law is passed he must choose between his wings and his lovers.

The three of them believe their love is strong enough to see them through the hard times ahead, but if they aren’t careful the repercussions of Tristan’s bargain could tear their ménage apart forever.

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“If you’re ready for another emotional roller coaster watching these three men struggle with their fated roles, you will like this book.” – Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews

“Excellent follow up to Between Heaven & Hell.” – Susan 64 at Hearts on Fire Reviews

“Angels and Demons are not my thing but this may just be the book to change my mind! This is a scorching hot menage with a good story line and plot that you will not be able to put down!” – Caroline at Prism Book Alliance
Full review here.