Mermen & Magic

Mermen & Magic Series

Centuries ago the city of Atlantis sank below the waves, lost to the world above forever.  With the help of their gods and the indigenous mer people the Atlanteans survived on the floor of the ocean for many years, until the day they vanished.

Now the sunken city of Atlantis is home to the largest colony of mer people left in the world. Hidden from all by the magical sea dragons they only venture up on land to mate.

Cursed by an Atlantean goddess, the mer people are slowly becoming extinct. Believing they are safe in the sunken city, they have no idea one of their own is inadvertently waking the sleeping gods and the original inhabitants of their city are merely biding their time until they can reclaim their land once more.

As books are contracted I will add pages to this site for each individual novel.

Reading Order

Forbidden Waters

Tempestuous Tides

Extra Ripples (free read – deleted scenes)

Dangerous Waves

Shifting Currents

Hidden Depths

Treacherous Seas (coming soon)

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