The Main Players

The Mermen & Magic series is one that contains an abundance of characters throughout the six books.  I have LOTS of notes to help me keep track of everyone, but I realise my readers don’t have that advantage, so here is a brief rundown of the main characters in the series and (when relevant) what book their stories are told in.  The reading order of the series can be found here. Some of them won’t be introduced until later in the series and may potentially have names changed at some point between now and publication.  I have tried to keep the page as spoiler free as possible.

The Merfolk

Prince Finn – Heir to the throne of the sunken city of Atlantis.  Lover of Jake Seabrook and Kyle (Forbidden Waters & Hidden Depths)

Kyle – A merman of a clan who seeks sanctuary in the sunken city – lover of Prince Finn and Jake Seabrook (Forbidden Waters & Hidden Depths)

Lynna – Kyle’s younger sister

King Nereus – Ruler of the sunken city of Atlantis

Queen Coral – Wife of the king and mother to Prince Finn

Justin – A merman who has been raised on land (Tempestuous Tides)

Lucas – A merman raised in the sunken city who is sent to land to find the lost heir to the throne (Tempestuous Tides)

Dax – Former lover of Kyle. A lone warrior. (Dangerous Waves)

Kai – An Oracle of the Present (Dangerous Waves)

Ula – An Oracle of the Future

Delwyn – An Oracle of the Past (Shifting Currents)

Calder  – Leader of the guards of the sunken city and lover of Marin

Marin – A hapless recruit in the guards and the lover of Calder

Otus – An ambitious guard

The Atlantean Gods

Caspian – God of Justice who has sworn to help the mer when they come to land (Treacherous Seas)

Fabian – Demi-god son of Mariana. Oracle of the Present (Shifting Currents)

Cari – Goddess of Prophecy and sister of Caspian

Medina – Goddess of Love – sister of Mariana and Aunt to Fabian

Mariana – Goddess of Sea Creatures – mother of Fabian and sister to Medina

Odessa – Goddess of Fertility and mother of Caspian and Cari

Antar – God of Time and grandfather to Caspian and Cari

Cynbel – God of War and father to Caspian and Cari

Andaman – God of the Forge, a minor deity

Tempest – Goddess of the Storm

The Atlanteans & Humans

Jake Seabrook – A human descendant of an Atlantean goddess and the lover of Finn and Kyle (Forbidden Waters & Hidden Depths)

Malcolm – A human who helps the mer when they come to land

Alex – Malcolm’s son and Jake’s best friend

Summer – Alex’s girlfriend and a friend of Jake

Isander – Lover of Fabian who lived centuries before the present day