Hey, Baby (Short Story)

Hey, Baby by L.M. Brown
A m/m Valentine’s Romance

Can a wrong number lead to Mr Right?

Nick Davis’s life is stuck in a rut until a stranger starts leaving messages on his answer machine. Connor Hayes has mistaken Nick’s number for that of his boyfriend, giving Nick an idea of what it would be like to have Connor in his life. Connor seems like his ideal man and although Nick knows he’s not Connor’s ‘baby,’ he can’t stop himself wishing he were.

After the wrong number issue is resolved, Nick doesn’t expect to hear from Connor again. He’s pleasantly surprised when he does. Unfortunately for Nick, Connor isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He already has one and now he wants Nick to help organise a surprise Valentine’s weekend for the couple.Can Nick put his own feelings aside to make sure Connor’s Valentine’s Day plans go smoothly?

Previously published as part of the Gift of Love anthology

Available now at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited


“This is a great Valentine’s story, with lots of humor, and an ability to make me smile. It left me feeling warm and fuzzy.”  Serena Yates for QMOBooks.

“This is a sweet Valentine’s story that reminds you that good things can come out of bad times. Recommended for those who believe in fate.”  Lucy for Hearts on Fire Reviews.